Republicans surge to vote

Vice President Mike Pence, Photo: From Screenshot

When Left leaning NBC and Breitbart agree, verifiable facts may be available. Yes opinions differ and links to both stories and supporting data follow, but it appears Republican voters are outpacing Democrat voters in key states such as Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee, and Texas.

As demonstrated when Conservatives showed up and Leftists devolved to hysterics during the 2016 presidential election, polls often miss things — like an unexpected surge of Republican enthusiasm. 

Conservatives are more inclined to be silent when immersed or questioned in a critical condescending culture. But as Scott Adams asserts (click for more) there is joy to be had, held and retold by surprising a pontificating class — repeatedly — with gusto.

Breitbart quoted NBC saying, “The latest data suggests robust enthusiasm among early Republican voters that could put a dent in Democratic hopes for a ‘blue wave’ in next month’s midterm elections,” after analyzing data from TargetSmart.

Click here for the report on NBC.

Said another way… Republicans are showing up and it could be epic.

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