Why run for Tulsa City Council?

I am the conservative candidate seeking the Tulsa City Council District 7 seat next Tuesday. It has been over 6 years since this district saw a true conservative on the City Council and I need your support to make sure it stays out of the liberal hands of former Mayor Kathy Taylor’s minions Anna America and her husband Michael Patton.  

This district is the retail center of Tulsa. It is the highest grossing district for sales tax dollars in all of Tulsa. This city is funded by sales tax from free enterprise and, if District 7 is failing to prosper, then all of Tulsa will follow. 

I have been fully endorsed by The Tulsa Beacon, District 7 Councilor John Eagleton, Attorney Drew Rees, Republican Nominee for State House 79 Dan Hicks, Precinct 86 Chair Dale Leander, Precinct 96 Chair Bill Westfall, Precinct 129 Chair Ken Malloy , Pastor Bill Shepherd and many citizens of this district.

My background is in major utilities construction. I am a certified project manager and electrician for the University of Tulsa. Before working for T.U. I was a department supervisor with a PSO/AEP contractor. We oversaw the electrical conversions from overhead to underground across the Northeast Oklahoma region.

My career is largely communications with the engineers and the stakeholders. To get everyone on the same page, to build teams. To problem solve and to make sure that the job is done right. I will bring this skill to the Tulsa City Council.

I am a fiscal conservative. I believe that a tax dollar is not something to waste. Each dollar is given by a citizen to be used honestly, effectively and properly. It is not a dollar for social experimentation, but to provide necessary basic local services.

I am a Christian, a husband and a father. I’ve been married for nearly ten years to the sweetest person I ever met. I have two children, a 7 year old firecracker daughter named Peytann Keli and a passionate son name Collison. We tend to spend most of our time together and helping others. We are very family oriented. Last year alone we served over 400 volunteer hours at our church. We served in roles such as head usher, Sunday school teacher, and I gave weeks to project manage and plan the renovation of our auditorium and construction of a new coffee bar at Sheridan Christian Center. Now called Sheridan Church.

Serving and sharing of our talents is what matters most in my family. That is why I am running for this office. My goal is to build a coalition in this community. To turn crime around by partnering with churches, HOA’s and the police. To take a real world view of infrastructure in this city and implement better permitting policies that are business friendly. We must remove useless road blocks for contractors and small business. We need a more universal system for growth to build prosperity across the metro area.

Other candidates don’t have the real world experience to even conceptualize the solutions to these issues. They speak in platitudes and generalities. They all say they want to fix the roads and make our neighborhoods safer. But do they even know how? I can honestly tell you that I do. I live and breathe this research. This is my passion.

I am a stakeholder in Tulsa with a proven ability to help. I have been called to serve and it is my goal to give this city everything I have. I would appreciate your support in this upcoming election. We must build community between neighbors.

We have a real opportunity to achieve something great in Tulsa. Especially if we are implementing the same free enterprise policies we see from President Trump, but locally. I ask for your vote Tuesday, November 6.


Editor’s Note: Since 1996, Tulsa Today has provided a platform for discussion of local issues. We invite all candidates of all parties to submit material for our reader’s consideration and publish as space and time allow.

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