Wall Debate: True transparency

With limited editorial delay, we present the great debate between disingenuous elite state cronies and the American People’s President Donald J. Trump. It’s the most critical debate in history – not a border wall, of course we need that – but whether The People rule by their elected President or if evil rules as criminal Democrats have done for decades. 

“I’m God, worship me.”

Anyone watching, may see in specific demonstration why President Trump was elected. For generations, coherent Conservatives attempted reason with the Left, but the Left asserts false facts in pompous condescension – only wining arguments when they are the only ones speaking. See former-President Barack Obama for more detail.

Present Trump was elected because he promised to fight for what the nation needs. To fight without regard of twofaced media or a deep state more criminal than any communist regime. It’s gloves off and to the mat. Let a government shut down happen. Let’s discover how little our daily lives depend on stupid from D.C., but if you disagree, feel welcome to post your comments below.

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