Tulsa evening with Michael Buble’

Touring again after five years, Michael Buble’ enchanted at Tulsa’s BOK Center Monday, performing before an enthusiastic audience of all ages.

Buble’ stepped away from the music business for two years to spend time with his oldest son Noah, who was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer in 2016. Following chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Noah was declared cancer-free, prompting Buble’ to launch his current tour.

When the BOK Center lights dimmed, Buble’ appeared at the top of a large staircase opening his show with “I’m Feeling Good,” backed by a full orchestra which only added to the nostalgia of The Rat Pack era. His set list was primarily cover songs with original tunes sprinkled throughout, including “Haven’t Met You Yet,” “Love You Anymore,” “Forever Now” and “Home.”

The theme throughout the evening was love and thanks. The affable crooner emphasized how grateful he was to be back in Tulsa, with real people and true fans.

Also on display was his sharp wit, which kept the audience on their toes.

At one point Buble’ was thanking the crowd who spend their hard-earned money to see him perform live. “I know ticket prices are expensive and I thank you all. My oldest child is five years old, do you know how much money it’s going to take to bribe his way into a nice college.”

Later, as he implored the crowd to cut loose and dance he said, “don’t worry about those people around you, you’ll never see the asshole next to you again.” He added, “the people around you who aren’t dancing are probably Texas football fans,” which drew loud applause. If this music thing doesn’t work out for Buble’ he could always try the stand-up comedy world.

Early in his show, the 43 year-old singer recognized a female fan in front of the stage that he had met that day in his hotel lobby. She told him it was her birthday so Buble’ led a sing-along of “Happy Birthday” to her. About midway through the show, as is his custom, he invited audience members to participate. A woman seated close to the stage accepted the challenge, opting to perform “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” a hit from Frankie Valli.

In seven years since Buble’ last performed in Tulsa, his combination of smooth vocals, charm and sharp wit showed no rust from rest. People leaving the arena Monday night were hopeful it won’t be seven years until he returns.

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