Trump’s latest impeachable offense

President Donald J. Trump

President Trump breathed air today and thus obviously deprived children of oxygen necessary for survival. He must be impeached; the media shows this is valid and several people walking in downtown Tulsa will testify they heard others saying the same.

Epstein didn’t kill himself. Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was the Russian agent and few truly care what is hidden or not in Area 51.

President Obama’s Uranium One deal and the Clinton Foundation will never be investigated but praise our beloved leaders – tell us again how important the Rule of Law is for the unwashed masses to follow. Can we now drive on the left side of roads? Oh joy.

Let the wise hope all recognize satire, but bleach-bit loony Leftist members of Congress can’t tell fiction from fact so let the games begin. George Soros didn’t pay Media Matters for this opinion so it will not be followed nationally. Thank God Al Gore warned us Florida and both coasts are now underwater. How boring, but convenient to fabricate crisis!

Return to your video games and vape death boys and girls. Don’t watch sports won on merit promote merit-less “woke” inanity and ignore China’s Death Camps with the end of even limited freedom in Hong Kong – is there an Apple App for developing slave market share?

America has a Justice System without “just” or is it… just us?

This is corruption – when professional spies, policy hacking bureaucrats and law enforcement turn the unlimited power of their institutions on political opponents and against “We The People.”

Damn demon Democrats forever and gear-up, register and vote. Frack’em if they can’t take a joke.

In 2020 we save the county from evil.

No Schiff Sherlock!

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  1. Pelosi Personifies Dementia

    But the media is always truthful:
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