George Floyd tragedy fund established

Mural at Mauerpark in Berlin, Germany May 30, 2020 depicts George Floyd (photo: REUTERS)

A GoFundMe page dedicated to the memory of George Floyd, organized by his brother Philonise Floyd and the family attorney, has raised over $9,012,730 as of this posting from 346,2000 donors worldwide and has been shared on social media over 228,600 times. It is a far better way of honoring the man and his family than destruction and hate.

“My family and I watched in absolute horror as the now infamous and horrifying video began to spread quickly throughout social media,” the page description reads. “What we saw on that tape left us shell shocked; a white Minneapolis police officer kneeling directly on my brother’s neck, obstructing his ability to breathe.”

“As some officers knelt on his neck, other officers participated and watched; no one took any action to save my brother’s life. Those officers would continue to brutalize my brother until he died.

“This fund is established to cover funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counseling, lodging and travel for all court proceedings, and to assist our family in the days to come as we continue to seek justice for George.  A portion of these funds will also go to the Estate of George Floyd for the benefit and care of his children and their educational fund.
“Anyone wishing to send cards, letters of encouragement  and/or contributions in the form of a money order or check, may do so by mail at:
The Estate of George Floyd
c/o Ben Crump Law, PLLC
122 S. Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Attn: Adner Marcelin

“All checks must be made out to: The Estate of George Floyd.”

The tragic death of George Floyd is a heart hurt to all who treasure life and the weight of grief is heavy. Compounding the tragedy are race baiting media and politicians, leftist anarchists and stampeding mobs of common criminals.

Tulsa Today carried a story by Tony Elliott titled, “BLM & ANTIFA rioters are paid professionals” that picked up traffic considerably over the last few days. That story was posted in August, 30 2017 and the editors are delighted it is being considered at this time. Those groups that build and drive mobs are obviously dedicated to destruction of all western civilization – they tag that, they cheer that mantra and they are the enemies that must be destroyed if peace loving people are to prosper in peace.

There are no significant or even visible groups on the right that effort the complete destruction of civilization, but there are many who will defend their family, homes and businesses. They are much more likely to vote.

2 thoughts on “George Floyd tragedy fund established

  1. admin Post author

    What you “get” is obviously twisted. Let’s wait for the BLM and Antifa investigations currently underway before claiming their sainthood. Further, editors remember their chants calling police “Pigs” and “fry them like bacon” on the streets of NYC. Finally, you attack us for lack of facts yet provide none. In summary, please for your own safety, remember that after every Marxist Revolution in history – the shock troops are lined up against the wall and shot so they will not be able to oppose the totalitarian evils they install. Study history more and gain a brain.

  2. T Scott Buxton

    no group on the right? please. i get that this a right wing website, but furthering propaganda like the ridiculous article re BLM and Antifa and this statement of lies can be very dangerous. how many “antifa” members have been arrested? how many proud boys or boogoloo bois have been? facts obviously aren’t this sites strong suit but it might be worth while to know the truth.

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