The privilege perspective

As Tulsa Today staff return to work from our favorite holiday, we call to your attention a firsthand report from The Federalist by J. Motos Gordon detailing his thoughts of American Privilege” from arrival, “when I was about 10 years old” to adulthood.

The full story is well worth reading (click here for The Federalist).  In short, Gordon summarizes his perspective powerfully:

“…people who come to this country don’t throw around that “privilege” word as if to highlight some victimhood. They keep to themselves, work hard and smart, realize how special this country is, believe in the American Dream, and go after it. They’re just happy to be here.

“This country has disparities that still need to be addressed, but they are complex, just as complex as the history behind it all. A real, meaningful solution will be equally complex.

“From the Old to the New World” November 7, 1874.

“We must work together, not by marginalizing or denigrating those with a different point of view. In putting down and belittling the voices of other people, we miss out on the opportunity to talk to one another — and we may very well inadvertently silence those who would have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us to effect change.

“In the end, this is still our country. Despite all its imperfections, America is still the shining beacon of hope for all mankind. Just ask anyone who wants to come here.

“We can make it better — not through name-calling, not through riots, not through violence, not through erasing history. But together.” 

Click here for the full posting on The Federalist.

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