Tulsa County race heating up

Dr. Josh Turley

Surging in the race to replace an incumbent as Tulsa County Commissioner for District 2, Dr. Josh Turley is sharping his attack in recent email and online as an outsider on a mission.

Dr. Turley writes, “We cannot allow another four years of voting against the ICE and 287G programs! We must have a County Commissioner that respects the authority of law enforcement to keep the peace! We must have a Commissioner who we know, without a doubt, will stand behind our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights!”

Dr. Turley is third generation law enforcement and a 24 year veteran of Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO). He started with the TCSO in 1991 as a records clerk and has served in every unit of the office up to the level of Under-Sheriff according to his campaign web site. “We cannot allow our public safety to be compromised,” Turley writes.

Turley also criticizes current Commissioner Karen Keith (D) for her very public hysteria to suppress attendance when President Donald J. Trump restarted his campaign in Tulsa. Pure politics embarrassing local citizens.

Dr. Turley said, “We cannot have a Commissioner who opposed a sitting U.S. President coming to our amazing County. We cannot have a Commissioner who offered to give violent protestors rides back to their vehicles after forcing encounters with our valiant Tulsa Police Officers. We cannot allow Tulsa to become Chicago!”

Highlighting Keith’s previous employment for Republican former Tulsa Mayor Bill LaFortune, Turley writes, “I am aware she has constantly played both sides of the aisle but at some point you have to look at the actual track record. Over twelve years, we have a juvenile center that should have been built three years earlier, a turnpike instead of a highway, and little to no progress on the levees. It is time for change, time for leadership, and time to vote.”

Dr. Turley has taught since 2003 at Northeastern State University, Rogers State University, Oklahoma State University, University of Phoenix, Axia College, and Tulsa Community College. He teaches a wide variety of both civilian, law enforcement, and detention classes.

The new Tulsa County Administration Building is also an issue as Dr. Turley suggests the $30 million “Taj Mahal” was not specifically voter approved nor were citizens told of the plans in advance. Dr. Turley asks, “…how far would $30 million go to make our levee’s sound, repair our crumbling roads, or a partnership with the ODOT to build a bridge across the Arkansas? The answer… $30 million can go very far. But only if you manage it with attention to detail.”

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