Crisis of his own making

The past nine months of Biden’s presidency have brought about a wave of crises unlike anything I have seen during my time in Washington.

While Congress is back to vote on the Democrats’ combined $5.5 trillion tax and spend spree, the crisis at our southern border is worsening by the day. It’s no secret— the American people have watched these conditions deteriorate before their eyes. This situation has evolved from border crisis to national security crisis, and now, a humanitarian crisis.

Headed to the USA – welfare for all.

Illegal border crossings are up 317 percent from last year. August was the second month in a row with over 200,000 border apprehensions. Nearly 15,000 Haitians have crossed the Rio Grande and thousands more are in South America waiting to do the same. Nearly 5,000 pounds of deadly fentanyl have been seized by border patrol agents. Yet, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas told Congress last week, “the border is secure.”

Not only has the Biden Administration not addressed the full scope of what is happening at our border, they have not done a single thing to prevent the situation from worsening either. All 1.2 million illegal immigrants who have come to our border since February 1, 2021, came because our President refused to take this crisis seriously.

Biden cages children

Last week, I joined Rep. Tony Gonzales (TX- 23) to introduce a resolution urging President Biden to address this crisis through real solutions and get our border security under control. It is going to take the full enforcement of immigration laws such as Tile 42 expulsions and the Remain in Mexico Policy, as well as additional Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to get this crisis under control.

This is a crisis of Biden’s own making. And it is past time for him to fix it.

Editor’s Note: For more from Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin, click here.

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