Bob Jack campaign troubles growing

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It appears County Commissioner Candidate Bob Jack has angered more voters than not with direct mail that promotes mail-in voting and arrived with private information included – specifically, full legal names and date of birth. The mailer unfolds into a “blank” request for a mail ballot to be sent back to the resident. Republicans are objecting.

Cynthia Little told KTUL Reporter Burt Mummolo Saturday June 19, she “found this to be objectionable.”

“Having my information including my birthday, I really felt like it put me at risk for identity theft and it was an invasion of my privacy,” she said.

Mike Ford told the station, “As a former Republican official I’m a little bit put off that… every Republican in the entire country is saying we need to stop flooding the electorate with mail ballots, except for Bob Jack.” Ford was elected Tulsa County GOP Chairman four terms ago.

Bob Jack

Bob Jack declined an on-camera interview with KTUL but is quoted saying he, “did not authorize or have knowledge that the company processing the flyer would include that information.” Jack emailed images of the draft that he approved according to the report and stated that “DOB [date of birth] is public information and people need to understand that.”

Jack blamed his opponents for KTUL’s news report. To the contrary, KTUL interviewed both Little and Ford who denied Jack’s claim on-camera. Click here for that KTUL report.

Jack is avoiding Tulsa Today since we did a story May 9 on his arrogance and failure to take responsibility for a delinquent payment during his term as GOP Chairman and his habit of shifting blame.

There is more to the story this writer did not include.

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In a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) response confirming the payment failure, dates and amount, an email was discovered from a former party treasurer who documented, “When I later resigned…it was because of the failure [by Jack] to provide invoices for merchandise apparently purchased and sold by the RPTC and [refusal] to restructure procedures for more accurate records of daily cash transactions. This TCC email and the handling of the invoice speaks volumes to the lack of attention to detail to which I objected” the treasurer wrote.

Tulsa Today has also not previously reported on a photo Jack posted to his campaign Facebook page June 9 with recently retired County Commissioner Ron Peters. In his original post, Jack claimed Peters endorsed Jack (see original text and photo above right).

In an exclusive interview with Tulsa Today, Peters said he had specifically told Jack he could use the photo but that he was not endorsing anyone in the race for his former position.

Peters said, “Bob Jack sent several cut-lines for the photo all of which declared an endorsement. I rejected them all. When I saw his Facebook post with an endorsement, I called and told Bob to cease and desist.”

Jack’s current Facebook page shows the post corrected as Peters required.

To read the May 9th Tulsa Today story on Bob Jack’s troubled campaign, click here.

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