Kelly Dunkerley goals for the greater good

In the race for Tulsa County Commission (Dist. 3), Kelly Dunkerley is the overwhelming choice for conservatives. From private business to elected public service, Dunkerley has grown employment, reduced public expense, and built success forging policy with determination from a foundation of faith, integrity, transparency, and positive long-term relationships.

“I’ve always been interested in how to make things work better,” Dunkerley said. “How the critical pieces of policy and people merge to accomplish goals to grow the greater good. When things get off track, how to return to a positive trajectory to achieve a better result.” Dunkerley stresses that his goal is to lower the tax burden on Tulsans, grow the economy and fix our roads, bridges and challenging infrastructure.

“I have a business and political science degree because I have always seen both as interlocked. Public sector decisions impact the private sector. Private business innovation can be applied to public business to foster free enterprise and grow local economy. Individual responsibility, effort and faith are part of America’s DNA and while government provides a common foundation such as roads, bridges, and public infrastructure; government is not the solution – free people assuming individual responsibility with drive and dedication build prosperity,” Dunkerley said.

“There are growing examples of woke going broke and speech limited if not criminalized. As a people, we must push back to defend Liberty and employ critical thinking to solve problems of the day. There is a responsibility at every level of government to fight excessive taxes and defend the Constitution and officials must understand that government’s role is not to control everyone’s life.

“In my assessment, we needed more strength during the COVID crisis from local officials. It started with the economic shutdown. I am very disappointed that many small businesses were shut down and some destroyed. The line drawn between indispensable and not allowed to operate, I believe, was arbitrary in cases if not a violation of Constitutional Rights,” Dunkerley added.

Dunkerley, is an insurance professional with over 25 years of experience in business, leadership, media relations, insurance, government affairs, and civic engagement. His experience as the former Mayor of Jenks and on the Tulsa County Board of Adjustments, makes him the only choice in this race with experience in public office.

Tulsa businessman and former Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak said, “Dunkerley is a man of integrity who I fully trust will be an exemplary public servant.  The Commissioner’s role fits Kelly like a glove with his extensive business background and service on the Tulsa County Board of Adjustment.  We’ve elected enough political insiders who say one thing and do another – we need more proven Republican problem solvers who will roll up their sleeves and get the job done for Tulsa County residents.”

“Kelly Dunkerley is the clear conservative choice for Tulsa County Commissioner. We need to elect more business leaders to fight inflation and unleash our economy,” said Rep. Sheila Dills, Owner of Sheila Anne Pies.

Broken Arrow Mayor Debra Wimpee, Owner of BA Buzz, said, Kelly Dunkerley has been a trusted business leader for decades. He will lead the conservative charge for accountability, transparency, and deliver on his promises to Tulsans as the next Republican Tulsa County Commissioner. He has my full support.”

For more information on Kelly Dunkerley, click here for his web site and click here for his Facebook.

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