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Graphic from web screen shot: KTUL

Apparently in response to neighborhood protests and as KTUL News Channel 8 was on scene, the City of Tulsa has removed 5G microwave cell towers, but plans to install the equipment on existing streetlights. In other words, the tower may be gone but the radiation will continue.

The full report from KTUL is available online (click here for more) which begins, “For a few hours Thursday afternoon, unbridled happiness permeated the air of Walnut Creek.”

Screen shot graphic

“I didn’t think it would happen this fast but we’re thrilled,” said Dr. Shelli Landon.

Reporter Burt Mummolo posted, “Those massive 5G poles that suddenly cropped up in the neighborhood four months ago were gone just as quickly as they appeared.

“I feel like joy, relief, excitement,” said John Edison.

Residents had two main complaints – worries that their property values would plummet and health concerns about 5G,” Mummolo noted while going on to report the City of Tulsa will add 5G equipment to “existing street light pole locations in the area.”

Changing the esthetic intrusion of the towers is helpful, but the radiation has not been addressed and this is a typical City of Tulsa bureaucratic approach – a small change irrelevant to a larger issue – process absent principle.

Margie Alfonso ran for Tulsa County Commissioner (Dist. 3) highlighting in her campaign the health risks of microwave radiation. While her video and text postings are extensive, Alfonso especially urges people to read scientist Martin Pall, PhD.’s 2017 Letter to California Governor Brown on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Pall wrote to “recommend [Brown] veto SB.649” which Gov. Brown (D) did veto after reading the letter.

While Alfonso was eliminated in the primary, there is no doubt by any who have met her that her battle to protect public health from microwave radiation will continue.

Tucker Carlson on his streaming interview platform FoxNation.com recently produced an excellent show featuring Dr. Devra Davis an American epidemiologist, toxicologist, and author of three books about environmental hazards. She was founding director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, and is a former professor of epidemiology at University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. She founded and currently serves as President of Environmental Health Trust. A recent Ted Talk by Dr. Davis follows.

Tucker Carlson Today notes, “Almost everyone owns a cell phone. But many Americans don’t even know that their phones constantly emit radiation, which Dr. Devra Davis says causes cancer and disease.” Carlson at the 20:40 mark says, “Here is what we know. We didn’t have [cell phones] when I was a kid and now they define modern life. Any thoughtful society would pause and ask, ‘What is the downside?'”

Dr. Davis explains how we can protect ourselves from our own technology – in short, a balanced intake of multivitamins which is inexpensive, easy to address, and generally good news.

Addressing the radiation: cases of tumor growth have been observed after radiation at the same levels of your cell phone, you know, that one in your pocket that manufacturers says should be kept at least 1.9 inches away from your body. Cell phone microwave radiation has, in multiple studies, been shown to kill male sperm and degrade DNA.

So when will the City of Tulsa, Tulsa County or the State of Oklahoma look at the science and consider the question? That depends on pubic demand.

Dr. Davis told Carlson that the same public relations firms that attacked the science showing tobacco was unhealthy have been hired by the cell companies spreading radiating towers throughout the land. In fact, she notes that at the end of the popular film “Thank you for smoking” (2005) the closing line asks about the health risks of cell towers, then the movie ends – without answer.

Health conscious Oklahomans in 2022 are still asking.

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