Media murder investigation growing

Thursday November 10 Tulsa Station Fox 23’s Janna Clark broadcasted a lengthy report on the 41-year unsolved homicide of Gertrude Marshall Blakey. More neighbors are speaking out. Lt. Brandon Watkins Tulsa Police Department’s (TPD) lead homicide detective went on the record and FOX23 notes it as the “cold case murder investigation that is beginning to grab attention.”

Additional independent investigation by media is welcome and is apparently motivating TPD which has failed to date to comply with Public Record Requests on the case formally submitted by attorneys engaged by the family.

Gertrude Marshall Blakey, Circa 1932

These new witnesses and law enforcement in that report show there is more to discover that has been revealed to date, some contrary to earlier statements.

The first cold case report was published both on Tulsa Today and Substack on August 7 (click here for more), with additional interviews on September 24 (click here for more), and on October 13 (click here for more).

This writer has shared research with Clark’s investigative team and will do the same with law enforcement and other media news local, state, or national as they may develop interest. Her report notes TPD has sent a pipe with duct tape on one end, possibly used in the attack, for advanced scientific examination in early October, according to reports.

A request for interview has been made with TPD’s Lt. Brandon Watkins and additional interviews are underway. To view the Fox 23 report online, click here.

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