TPS received millions for racial programing

Ray Carter writing for OCPA November 23 covers a new report showing Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) has received millions of dollars from a national group that claims “white supremacy” is a problem in education. If you wonder why school board meetings have become increasingly intense, the answer is that parents are actively questioning government school indoctrination funded by such ideological foolishness and historic ignorance.

Carter notes the report shows only five school districts nationwide received more funding from the highlighted foundations. Yes, NGOs (non-government organizations) dedicated to destruction of America as a Constitutional Republic are active right here in River City and have been for decades.

Carter writes: “In ‘Cracked Foundations,’ a new report from Parents Defending Education, the organization examined how large philanthropic foundations use grant money to advance practices in public schools that can include ‘divisive teaching practices such as critical race theory, gender and queer theory, and social and emotional learning.’

“During the five-year period, the organization found Tulsa Public Schools received more than $3.6 million from one of the entities reviewed, the Wallace Foundation. That $3.6 million figure exceeded the amount spent by the five foundations in all but five other school districts nationwide.

“Tulsa Public Schools received grant funding from the Wallace Foundation to participate in the foundation’s Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI) and its Principal Supervisors Initiative,” Carter wrote.

Parental Warning: If you have children enrolled in TPS this is likely to upset you.

Now consider the US News and World Report Test Score Proficiency:

For those without children enrolled in TPS, consider that 60 percent of your property taxes fund TPS. Do you want to live in a community of people that cannot read or do basic math and lack the skill or ability to think critically, rationally?

Carter continues: “Parents Defending Education noted that one Wallace Foundation report, ‘Navigating SEL From The Inside Out,’ defines equitable social-emotional learning (SEL) as a program that ‘acknowledges and addresses persistent environmental stressors such as racism, transphobia, homophobia, and classism.’

“The Wallace Foundation’s definition of ‘robust equity’ incorporates the ‘more expansive systems-focused aspects of racial equity such as dismantling white supremacy.’ The organization also declares its programs are not simply for minority students.

“’Children who are never asked to confront their role in a racist and unjust society are at a disadvantage; unexamined assumptions and biases undermine and limit white children’s ability to develop and use SEL skills like empathy, perspective-taking, and kindness,’ a foundation document stated.

“The millions spent pursuing equity in Tulsa schools have not resulted in across-the-board academic success for all students. Instead, what equity exists in Tulsa schools is in negative form: Nearly all students, regardless of race or other background, are not proficient in core subjects.

“Parents Defending Education noted that only 12 percent to 18 percent of Tulsa elementary and middle-school students test proficient in reading and math, while just 24 percent of Tulsa high school students are proficient in reading and 36 percent proficient in math.

“As of publication, Tulsa Public Schools had not responded to a request for comment on the report,” Carter concludes.

As then school board candidate Tim Harris noted in his unsuccessful campaign, “It is time for a forensic audit… the top ten administrative annual salaries at TPS total $2,239,475 with Superintendent Deborah Gist alone earning $377,675 per year while a beginning teacher earns only $36,6011 per year.”

Tulsa Today has also reached out for comment to TPS and look forward to their prompt response.

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