Rock the House

Editorial: Elected Oklahoma Representatives are on both sides of the leadership contest for U.S. Speaker of the House. That does not bother grassroots activists in state.

Democracy is messy. Our State and County party conventions are known for such leadership fights with robust language and, as previously reported here, more than a few dirty tricks.

If Democrats actually functioned as their name suggests, tyrannical rule by “phone and pen” would not have been practiced by President Barack Obama, America’s First Socialist President, or other evil minions of note from former-Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Hillary Clinton to George Soros and Sam Bankman-Fried.

The contest may continue or resolve today. We don’t care. Oklahoman activists are happy to see the House rocking. We voted to clean House, drain the swamp and for our representatives to get an attitude that benefits the people for a change. It is a dramatic shift Leftist Media abhor and the people adore. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth proceed to restore Constitutional Rule.

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