OK AG agreement with St. John Health System

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor has announced a conciliation agreement with St. John Health System resolving allegations that St. John Health System violated the Oklahoma Anti-Discrimination Act and the Civil Rights Act. 

“In defending the religious freedoms of our healthcare heroes, our job is to ensure that Oklahomans’ civil rights are upheld, and they are made whole,” said Attorney General O’Connor. “And we are pleased that St. John Health System has agreed to take the measures necessary to make that happen.”

While St. John Health System disputes the allegations made by employees in complaints filed with the Attorney General’s Office, it has agreed to certain terms to resolve the allegations. St. John Health System has confirmed that identified employees who were suspended or terminated during the height of the pandemic, after religious exemption requests were denied, were extended an unqualified offer of reinstatement and/or compensated for lost wages and benefits related to their suspension and/or termination.

St. John Health System also agreed to establish a claims process for employees or former employees who believe they suffered religious discrimination at the hands of St. John Health System. Such employees should contact the Attorney General’s Office at (405) 521-3921 to bring their claims to the Attorney General. Further detail is available on the Oklahoma Attorney General’s website at https://www.oag.ok.gov/articles/attorney-generals-office-reaches-agreement-st-john-health-system.

In reaching this agreement, St. John Health System confirms its continued commitment to compliance with all applicable state and federal employment laws.

St. John Health System’s spokesperson commented, “The Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office and St. John Health System are committed to serving the people of Oklahoma. We have reached a mutual agreement regarding the COVID-19 vaccination that protects the health and safety of patients and caregivers and honors the religious beliefs of employees.”

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