OU President redefines Free Speech

OU President Joseph Harroz

Oklahoma University President Joseph Harroz sent out a letter on October 18, 2021, to kick off OU’s Free Speech Week. But it doesn’t take much effort at discernment to understand that both his letter and Free Speech Week itself, are nothing more than an attempt to virtue signal his way out of taking responsibility for the discrimination inherent in the ideology he is cramming down the throats of OU students, teachers, and families.

Harroz begins his letter by hitting all the free speech buzz words. But at the same time, he expands the purpose of a university to include teaching graduates to “live together in harmony.” As we see later in the letter, this new mission will implicitly exclude those who dissent to CRT/DEI ideology.

OU Presidential Statement

In fact, in the very next sentence, he immediately draws a bright line distinction between what speech will be tolerated at OU and what speech will be excluded through the practice of “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.”

The OU President’s mandate is clear: ‘either you accept the views and practices of CRT/DEI/Antiracism as gospel, you are not being Inclusive – and if you are not being Inclusive, you will be Excluded.’

OU Presidential Statement

Next, Harroz proves he is an adept practitioner of DEI coercion, through the manipulation of language. He employ’s a law professor’s like cunning to redefine words like “critical,” or terms like “free speech,” by shifting the true contextual foundation of each, to fit into DEI’s practice of CRT ideology.

And for the remainder of the letter, President Harroz is “Doing the Work” of DEI manipulation on the minds of OU.

OU Presidential Statement

For example, he knows that his DEI Officers have changed the definition of “critical thinking.” He also knows that the word “critical” is now defined only to mean the critiquing of social systems of POWER by weaponizing historical OPPRESSION, against now living.

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