Trump to attend NCAA Championship in Tulsa

Senator Markwayne Mullin has invited candidate and former-President Trump to be his personal guest at the NCAA tournament Saturday in Tulsa, according to multiple reports.

Mullin was inducted into the Oklahoma Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2016. He remains active in the wrestling community since his retirement from the sport, continuing to coach his children and other young athletes in wrestling tournaments across the country on weekends, according to his Senate website.

NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships are set to take place at the BOK Center from March 16th through the 18th. This is the first time the BOK Center has hosted the championship and the venue expects around 15,000 people to attend each day. 

Because the visit would require high-level security protocols, many local agencies that help with the security of top-level officials have been told their services may be needed on Saturday.

It is not clear if Trump is going to attend other events public or private while he is in Tulsa.

Trump’s campaign web site says, “The American Way of Life is under attack while career politicians destroy our economy and sabotage our nation’s incredible potential. We will take our country back from the corrupt Washington establishment and return power to the American people, where it belongs. We will achieve a future of prosperity, security, and peace — creating once again the greatest economy in the history of the world, defending our borders, restoring energy independence, and leading with strength and pride on the world stage. It is time to put America First once more and usher in a glorious new era of faith, family, and freedom. Together, we will save lives, save jobs, and save America.”

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