National Prayer Call interrupted

The Patriot Sentinel is reporting today that a National Prayer Call with President Donald Trump was shut down after President Trump joined the call.

Stevie Leff wrote, “Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer presented General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone as the call began, with these close associates of the President spoke about the period we are in and the wickedness that has engulfed this nation. Up until 7:15 p.m. Eastern, when President Trump joined the call, these were fantastic shares. General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone are known for their incredible military and political experience, faith and, unfortunately, being the victim of the deep state over the last seven years.

Pastor Lahmeyer was then joined by Clay Clark, who presented President Trump. The President spoke for a while before abruptly becoming lost after a short while, and the call terminated after roughly 25 minutes. At this point, we don’t know what transpired during the call with President Trump or why the admins were disconnected from their typically dependable Internet. Call traffic, outside sabotage, or something else could have been the cause,” Leff continued.

“We are aware that the left is not concerned with the truth. They despise Donald Trump. There were also some worries that the attempt to pray for President Trump and the nation might have been thwarted by some nefarious individuals. Following the call, Pastor Lahmeyer revealed that he and Clay Clark [speaker and podcast host] had prayed for and with President Trump when they had phoned the President. After expressing his gratitude, President Trump urged them to pray for the nation,” the report concluded.

Deep State monitoring free people? Tolls hacking? Never in America don’t ya know.

A Washington Times report on Pastor Jack Lahmeyer’s organization, Pastors For Trump, notes the purpose of the coalition is “to help recognize the efforts of millions of Christians across the United States in the political process and to provide a way to advocate for issues central to the faithful including the importance of life, marriage, freedom of speech, and personal responsibility.”

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