Bartlesville abuses OK law

One of Oklahoma’s best Substack writers continues to distinguish themselves, in coverage of the militant Transgender Activist Takeover of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Apparently, this is happening with Tulsa financial support as a test to see if small cities and towns can be morally perverted while silencing all faith or belief in objective reality. Objective scientific reality is that humans are born male and female. All else is behavior and some are behaving badly.

Conservatives generally don’t give a flying-fish what someone may do privately (you-be-you), but care greatly what may happen in the public square, in public policy, or with law that rules our collective civilization. In this case a public square and in front of children.

The V1SUT Vantage headlines, “Part 5 – LGBT Lies Silence Speech & Religion: Court Deems Scripture Threat & Feelings Basis for PPO/Gag Order, OK Supreme Court to Decide

Posted April, 7 this segment of Trans-Tyranny: Bartlesville highlights.

  • OKEQ Board Member / BPD Officer Provides the Inaccurate Police Report Needed to Silence Opposition to Public Obscenity
  • Two Judges Use BPD/OKEQ Lies, Ignore Statutes – Unchecked County Court System Legislates from Bench
  • LGBT “Feelings” are the New Legal Standard for Defining Harassment in Washington County
  • This PPO Was About Silencing in the Name of Activism, Not the Protection of Any Individual
  • What This PPO Could Mean for Real Christian Churches and Believers in Washington County
  • State Supreme Court Takes Over: This Fight is Now About Freedom of Speech & Religion and It’s No Longer in the Hands of the Washington County District Court

The narrative begins, “The silencing of the majority is happening at every level of American government. Perhaps the most shocking part of this trend is the willingness of courts to participate. Activist judges now regularly brush aside laws to coddle, protect and embolden the few who seek to eradicate the minimum standards of conduct and public decency that have long allowed those of differing beliefs and lifestyles to live peacefully together within individual communities. Legal mechanisms meant to protect truly vulnerable people are being weaponized to censor any opposition to these activist movements setting unlawful precedent for all.

“One such case that began in Washington County District Court, and has now risen to the attention of the Oklahoma Supreme Court, may be the overstepping stop-stick that halts that unjust trend for all Oklahomans. In this case, the issuance and continuance of a bogus protective order by two district judges has openly threatened the constitutionally protected rights of free speech and exercise of religion for all Washington County residents. The Bartlesville Police Department played a pivotal role in this unlawful process.

The V1SUT Vantage has followed as the two highest ranking board members of an LGBT activist group named Oklahomans for Equality (OKEQ)-Bartlesville have sought to silence the farthest-reaching voices in support of a citizens’ petition to limit adult-oriented entertainment, including drag shows, in public spaces. And now we watch as OKEQ tosses the will of Bartlesville’s vast majority aside, plays the victim, misuses a connection inside the BPD and lies to an overly sympathetic district court to prevent opposing views on this issue from ever speaking again.

Ironically, they are using Biblical scripture to get the job done,” Click here for more The V1SUT Vantage

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