Bartlesville abuses OK law

One of Oklahoma’s best Substack writers continues to distinguish themselves, in coverage of the militant Transgender Activist Takeover of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Apparently, this is happening with Tulsa financial support as a test to see if small cities and towns can be morally perverted while silencing all faith or belief in objective reality. Objective scientific reality is that humans are born male and female. All else is behavior and some are behaving badly.

Conservatives generally don’t give a flying-fish what someone may do privately (you-be-you), but care greatly what may happen in the public square, in public policy, or with law that rules our collective civilization. In this case a public square and in front of children.

The V1SUT Vantage headlines, “Part 5 – LGBT Lies Silence Speech & Religion: Court Deems Scripture Threat & Feelings Basis for PPO/Gag Order, OK Supreme Court to Decide

Posted April, 7 this segment of Trans-Tyranny: Bartlesville highlights.

  • OKEQ Board Member / BPD Officer Provides the Inaccurate Police Report Needed to Silence Opposition to Public Obscenity
  • Two Judges Use BPD/OKEQ Lies, Ignore Statutes – Unchecked County Court System Legislates from Bench
  • LGBT “Feelings” are the New Legal Standard for Defining Harassment in Washington County
  • This PPO Was About Silencing in the Name of Activism, Not the Protection of Any Individual
  • What This PPO Could Mean for Real Christian Churches and Believers in Washington County
  • State Supreme Court Takes Over: This Fight is Now About Freedom of Speech & Religion and It’s No Longer in the Hands of the Washington County District Court

The narrative begins, “The silencing of the majority is happening at every level of American government. Perhaps the most shocking part of this trend is the willingness of courts to participate. Activist judges now regularly brush aside laws to coddle, protect and embolden the few who seek to eradicate the minimum standards of conduct and public decency that have long allowed those of differing beliefs and lifestyles to live peacefully together within individual communities. Legal mechanisms meant to protect truly vulnerable people are being weaponized to censor any opposition to these activist movements setting unlawful precedent for all.

“One such case that began in Washington County District Court, and has now risen to the attention of the Oklahoma Supreme Court, may be the overstepping stop-stick that halts that unjust trend for all Oklahomans. In this case, the issuance and continuance of a bogus protective order by two district judges has openly threatened the constitutionally protected rights of free speech and exercise of religion for all Washington County residents. The Bartlesville Police Department played a pivotal role in this unlawful process.

The V1SUT Vantage has followed as the two highest ranking board members of an LGBT activist group named Oklahomans for Equality (OKEQ)-Bartlesville have sought to silence the farthest-reaching voices in support of a citizens’ petition to limit adult-oriented entertainment, including drag shows, in public spaces. And now we watch as OKEQ tosses the will of Bartlesville’s vast majority aside, plays the victim, misuses a connection inside the BPD and lies to an overly sympathetic district court to prevent opposing views on this issue from ever speaking again.

Ironically, they are using Biblical scripture to get the job done,” Click here for more The V1SUT Vantage

5 thoughts on “Bartlesville abuses OK law

  1. Miss Sikes

    In other news Cynthia D. Blanchard price tower owner has been caught digging up, ripping down, stealing the artifacts of Bruce Goff and Frank Lloyd Wright from the Price Tower.
    Cynthia D. Blanchard daughter of Carolyn and Gilbert French of Dewey, Oklahoma, has removed all doubt of her unethical criminal actions. Bartlesville Oklahoma is a place you can yell and scream vulgarities in public at news reporters, especially when caught stealing from museum of Frank Lloyd Wright historical artifacts, “Upon arriving Wednesday evening, the EE reporter was accosted by Price Tower owner Cynthia Blanchard.”Andy, what the f*** are you doing here? What the f*** are you doing?” Blanchard yelled from across the parking lot. BPD (Bartlesville Police Department) will find someone else to blame, cause Cynthia Blanchard runs the child rape rituals for the BPD leadership, presided over by moron mormon Russ Vaclaw, the BPD wouldn’t dare do the right thing and arrest the thief Cynthia Blanchard nope she is buddies with Russ Vaclaw. She obviously needs the money, she blew right through the $1 million Dale Copeland gave her for the 50 fake jobs. Law enforcement and Russ Vaclaw are helping the Blanchard’s steals the towns history. Two years ago Cynthia Blanchard claimed to secretly move 10 employees to Bartlesville, David Wood said her company Herasoft is a quality company. David Wood helped Cynthia Blanchard steal $100k in PPP loans, then gave Cynthia Blanchard another $100k for fake restaurants, after giving Cynthia Blanchard $1 million for fake employees. Dale Copeland Bartlesville’s Mayor handed Cynthia Blanchard $1 million. Not a single employee was ever paid in full, good old boy moron Russ Vaclaw threatened most of the employees from pursuing their claims. Herasoft is really Anthem Vault according to lawsuits buried in the Washington County Court house all in front of Russ Vaclaw. Cynthia Blanchard president and majority owner of herasoft really anthem vault won’t pay the lawn maintenance guy, she got sued by him too, Cynthia Blanchard screwed a web design company in Tulsa, used Russ Vaclaw to threaten them. The Judge on the lawsuits who is burying the truth no surprise it is crooked Moron Mormon Russ Vaclaw, don’t remember him ever being elected as a judge he was just sorta put there to bury lawsuits make his family wealthier stealing bartlesvilles taxes. The truth always has a way of coming out. Anthem Blanchard the wife of Cynthia Blanchard is a lawyer, one not registered as a lawyer but Russ Vaclaw doesn’t care, anyone thats Russ Vaclaw’s buddy can act like an attorney and represent corporations before the Kangaroo Court of Russ Vaclaw.
    “Unfortunately, Anthem Vault, Inc. is currently unable to meet its financial obligations ,” Blanchard stated in his April 1 written response to the court summons. “As such, we regret to inform the court that the company does not possess the means to fulfill any monetary claims presented in the petition.” In the response, Blanchard even asked Court Clerk Jill Spitzer for advice on proceeding “in light of the company’s financial circumstances,” the documents say. Jill will do the bidding of Russ Vaclaw she helps steal peoples property as long as their friends with Russ Vaclaw. Anthem Blanchard isn’t registered as a lawyer but in Russ Vaclaw’s kangaroo court anything goes if your bribing the judge. Carstensen claims Herasoft owes a handful of employees back pay. The rest of those not paid won’t dare sue cause Russ Vaclaw has threatned them. Russ Vaclaw the second most dishonest judge we have in Washington County. Vaclaw’s brother a doctor, in business with the county jail doctor, the good doctor that couldn’t pass his medical boards on the first five attempts. Yeah the jail doctor the big fat weeble wobble, filed for a protective order against all 5 foot 2 inch, 93 pound Denise. Russ Vaclaw issued the order without hearing, ruined Denise’s life, then Russ Vaclaw stole my homes and gave them to Vaclaw’s brothers medical partner, how the ethics of Washington County legal system work. Russ Vaclaw is probably the worst judge ever to sit in Washington County. He doesn’t jail people for no reason like Delapp, instead Russ Vaclaw makes a mockery of the justice system, he steals your home, he robs you financially. He lets his buddies act like attorneys when they are not. If your buddies of Russ Vaclaw no problem, he will pose in pictures with you and then throw preachers in jail when they post bible quotes online. Vaclaw hates non moron mormons like him. Russ Vaclaw buddies with Anthem Blanchard why Anthem Blanchard a non attorney gets to practice law as a lawyer in Russ Vaclaw’s kangaroo court. Russ Vaclaw has got his payment from Anthem Blanchard gold bars probably stuck to his refrigerator. Will the employees with their judgments ever get paid? No, cause Russ Vaclaw is buddies with the dishonest Blanchard’s he probably has his own pile of Frank Lloyd Wright artifacts in his garage right along with his neighbor Mike Bailey our corrupt city manager. How much destruction of Bartlesville needs to happen before someone else comes in and removes these dishonest people. Robbing Russ Vaclaw who stole my homes, he stole my properties so his own brother could profit with his business partner. Yeah Russ Vaclaw he is what Bartlesville is all about, he is no different now with that little tiny dingaling sitting naked in the bathtub, the proud picture on his parents mantle. Vaclaw with this tiny little ding a ling, is the example of the disgrace of Bartlesville justice. Kangaroo court if your buddies with vaclaw you don’t need be a lawyer to represent criminal companies, just give Vaclaws brother some cash, thats how the Vaclaw family rolls and where their money comes from. Vaclaw is probably splitting the stolen museum artifacts with Cynthia Blanchard.
    The truth is coming out all over the place. Watch how often Russ Vaclaw’s name pops up, he stole my homes signed false protection orders for my weeble wobble ex, he stole my properties, Vaclaw is as criminal as Cynthia Blanchard who is stealing Bartlesville’s history. › story › businessCourt records reveal Anthem Blanchard can’t meet financial obligations
    2 days ago · Carsteen, who was initially owed $126,000, had agreed to a reduced settlement. Court documents reveal Blanchard failed to meet his obligations and was sued again in Washington County Court”, whose the judge Russ Vaclaw no surprise there!
    These people are all criminals. Cowboys and Outlaws Russ Vaclaw is proud to the latter even as he keeps trying and failing in business after business using his black robe to get film roles making a fool of himself and the entire corrupt city of bartlesville.

  2. Mr. Sowerberry

    Bartlesville constantly abuses laws, because the District Court Judges financially benefit. Copper Tree Management run by the same swindlers that claimed to bring 50 jobs to Bartlesville bringing the tech industry, have cost the City dozens of jobs. Less than 3 years later are selling the old county court house after jacking everyones rents. These scammers were given the Price Tower for less than a hundred bucks, no taxes paid. They claim they are ultra wealthy and will put $20 million into the tower, says Doengess Car Sales guy truth is they are given handouts by Mayor Dale Copeland. Why cause they are represented by David King and Jess Kane’s law firm! Yeah Jess Kane our city attorney, and his law partner David King the attorney for the BDA who gives out money as economic incentives gave these swindlers nearly $100k to open restaurants. Yet, just a year ago State Representative John B. Kane, Jess Kane’s daddy gave the Price Tower 10’s of thousands from the Lyon Foundation, and guess who David King is the secretary of that non-profit. We smell an IRS claw back coming. Probably why IRS Criminal Investigators, FBI agents and US attorneys have been seen digging around Bartlesville. Not much digging needed. If you dare to speak the word of God you will be jailed. If you dare speak up about tax fraud you will be jailed. If you dare speak about the Judges financially benefiting from bogus prosecutions, you got it you will be jailed. If you dare report fraud, waste and abuse you will be jailed. The first amendment does not exist in Bartlesville. The city is still very much a sundown town, run by racist attorneys. If your not from here, if you don’t use David King and Jess Kane as your lawyers, and if you have the guts to speak up the BPD will target you, District Court Judges who financially benefit from King and Kane will jail you. Its business as usual in Bartlesville. If your not on the inside your an outsider. If your not pure white as the driven snow you are targeted. How many minorities are on the BPD? Answer ZERO, though they claim 12% of the staff are Native American. Guess what we are not a minority, Oklahoma is the Indian Territory, you white people are the minority. Why cause Bartlesville is a sundown town. Bartlesville hates Native Americans, Blacks, Asians anyone and everyone that is not pure white. John B. Kane state republic representative President of Lyon Foundation gets $72,000 a year supposedly working 10 hours a week, gives Price Tower money for a new restaurant, then Price Tower is handed to known scammers a year later and David King secretary of Lyon Foundation has his cronies at Bartlesville Development Agency BDA give the scammers another nearly $100k for restaurants the scammers open for 60 days and then close claiming they make no money. When you stand up and demand accountability for our tax money, the BPD targets you, the District Attorney threatens you, why? Oh the Price Tower also in private hands of a New Mexico LLC does not pay property taxes, property taxes to Bartlesville should be $100k a year! More business as usual in shady Bartlesville, all roads lead back to the Kane’s, there should be a rule against Jess Kane financially benefiting him his daddy and his law partners like David King or the County Judges. What a load of crap these people are stealing from everyone in town and we can’t use the first amendment to email or speak up, cause now we will be targeted by the Court Judges, the District Attorney, with help from the dishonest Bartlesville Police Department. Once they realize I am not white they will lynch me up, today I need not worry about the middle of the night lynching. Here the BPD will just shoot you dead, or they will trump up bogus criminal charges with false police reports. Once you buy a home here it will take years to sell, cause everyone knows this place is filled with crooks, criminals, racists, crooked politicians, attorneys that are so unethical they represent every side paying off the Counties Judges, who do the bidding of the District Attorney who is paid off just like everyone else. We need the FBI, we need the IRS Criminal Investigators, we need the Department of Justice to all open permanent offices in Bartlesville. No need to do any digging guys the public corruption is all out in the open. How Jess Kane and David King are allowed to maintain their law licenses is any wonder. The story line of Killers of the Flower Moon just keeps repeating like a broken record here in Bartlesville, where not even the word of God can be spoken in public without you being slapped with a bogus restraining order. Russ Vaclaw a known Mormon preacher and alderman with the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints issued the first restraining order cause he hates non Morons like him, plus he’s buddies with the OKEQ. Then Linda Thomas a known lesbian issues another restraining order, supporting Vaclaw’s why cause the crooked Judge’s stick together! Now the Oklahoma Supreme Court will hear the issue. In the meantime that will take years, this is exactly what Jess Kane, his daddy John B. Kane and David King count on while they work hand in hand to fleece every hard working man woman and child in Bartlesville and throughout Washington County. End the Fraud. Stop the Tax Evasion. End the corruption. Help us please FBI, IRS, and DOJ no digging needed open permanent offices you will have a line a mile long to hear all the complaints of the fraud, waste and abuse here in Bartlesville. Bartlesville should have its public funds frozen and not receive another dime from the US Federal Government or State of Oklahoma until Jess Kane, John Kane, David King, Dale Copeland, Jim Curd the biggest “TURD” are all brought to Justice for handing out our tax money to swindlers, cheats, liars and criminals. Bartlesville abuses law after law, we need a petition to remove David Wood and Chris Batchelder from the BDA stop the bleeding of our tax money. Batchelder surprisingly was let go from the OSU alumni association, guess why? It wasn’t for being an upstanding an honest guy thats for sure! Bartlesville is filled with the rejects and crooked criminals from every where else. You gotta be pretty thick in the skull to subject your company or its employees to the hell which is Bartlesville. You gotta be pretty dumb to purposefully enter Bartlesville.

  3. Bo

    Copper Tree Management that took over the Price Tower in Bartlesville Oklahoma is actually owned by Green Copper Holdings LLC of New Mexico who got the building given to them for just $10 and a whopping promise to put $20 Million into the building. Ever since acquiring the building Green Copper Holdings LLC and its purported sister company Copper Tree Management have consistently pumped the community for donations and money. They received at least $80,000.00 in cash payments against the Bartlesville Development Authorities own policies published on its website: The reason is simple it was a pay out a form of a bribe orchestrated by Mayor Dale Copeland to give Copper Tree Management more than $80,000.00+ to open eateries, yet they opened just one and only for 60 days and pocketed the rest of the money claiming after 60 days it made no money even though there was no advertising. Now they are running Tranny Tuesdays for men who dress as women. It is all madness.

  4. Disgusted Dale

    That’s Anthem Blanchard the fraudster, dressed in drag funny cause its a transman that dress back as a woman.

    Cindy French mouth the skank from Dewey high married this boi toy Anthem Blanchard and now the two of them Cynthia Blanchard and Anthem Blanchard run the price tower featuring Tranny Tuesdays.

    Tranny talks at the price tower grooming children.

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