‘Tis the season to be jolly, not jerks’

Editor’s Note: Tulsa Today welcomes submissions and provides this perspective by Rev. Jim Harden, M.Div. a medical ethicist, author of the newly published Ethical Theory and Pertinent Standards in Women’s Reproductive Health, and CEO of CompassCare Pregnancy Services. He pioneered the first measurable and repeatable medical model in the pregnancy center movement and has written extensively on medical ethics, pro-life policy, and executive leadership. Rev. Harden has developed materials and strategies used by hundreds of pregnancy centers nationwide, helping them become more effective at serving women and saving babies from abortion.

Opinion: There is enmity between Muslims and Jews. That has been obvious for ages. Muslims also don’t have much love for Christians. That is becoming obvious this Christmas season.

As Americans gather to celebrate Christmas, both specularly and religiously, Muslims—in particular, those of a pro-Palestine disposition—are disrupting Christmas events across the nation.

In Ypsilanti, Michigan, a pro-Muslim mob disrupted a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The mob ruined the joyful spirit of the celebration and scared children.

“I think we made the point. We came here, we disrupted the event, we canceled Christmas, so give it up for yourselves,” a protester yelled to the mob.

“Christmas is canceled everywhere until Palestine is free,” another protester yelled.

The mob later broke into a building where the Ypsilanti Youth Choir was singing. The rioters screamed as the children tried to sing Christmas carols.

In Seattle, pro-Palestinian demonstrators took over the stage where the city’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony was supposed to take place. They used a microphone to lead the crowd in anti-Israel chants.

The Seattle Times reported, “A speaker said the demonstration was organized by a collective group in response to a push by the Palestinian Youth Movement to ‘shut it down’ on Black Friday, calling for rallies at commercial centers.”

During the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Boston, CBS News reported, “This year there was no way to ignore the chants from roughly a hundred pro-Palestinian protesters who had gathered at the event. The Boston Coalition for Palestine brought signs, banners, and flags to their rally. At times it was hard for some of the revelers attending the tree lighting ceremony to hear the music and presenters on stage.”

Although the pro-Palestinian protests supposedly didn’t disrupt the tree-lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center, it was probably because police were aware that a protest would happen and took steps to keep it away from the holiday revelers. However, fights did break out among the protesters, and arrests were made.

Scaring people, disrupting Christian events, and destroying property are tactics of terrorists. While these tactics are uncomfortable for the victims, events like the Hamas terror and subsequent Israeli defense are used as recruitment of weak-minded, leftwing extremists who then mobilize direct-action protests like the ones seen recently. They are no different than the BLM riots that have fallen out of vogue or the Jane’s Revenge attacks on churches and pregnancy centers or Stop Cop City eco-terrorism. When local law enforcement try to keep the peace, the terrorists cry power abuse and recruit more to their cause. The lack of law enforcement emboldens more destruction, which in turn creates a recruitment opportunity for college students indoctrinated and supported by mid-level Marxists employed by the university. And if you look carefully at all these types of attacks and attackers, you’ll find that not only do use the same 4th Generation warfare tactics but they all have the same “blac bloc” dress code.

If the Palestinians have a grievance against Israel, they deserve to be heard. There are channels for that. But how is disrupting Christmas festivities in small-town Michigan among people who have no control over what happens in Israel an appropriate place? Unless the attackers care less about Palestine and more about undermining the Judeo-Christian moral framework that undergirds the nation-state system represented by the Israel America supports. Attacking Israel and murdering and raping innocent people should be our first clue that those who can justify that barbarity are themselves also barbaric, with no concept or context for virtue.

You don’t see protests of people supporting Israel disrupting these events. Have you ever seen a pro-Israel mob? How about a pro-Israel mob terrorizing a mosque in Detroit? No. And why? Because they believe man is made in the image of God and therefore ought not to shed another man’s blood. They seek to protect life and live at peace. They are not bloodthirsty for global domination.

Palestinian protestors, eco-terrorists, BLMers, Jane’s Revenge thugs, and Transgender activists are often the same Marxist Antifa. A recent Marxist recruitment communique for the Antifa front group Jane Revenge states, “We fight not just for abortion rights, but for trans liberation, ecological harmony, decolonization, the destruction of white supremacy and capitalism, and the uprooting of the entire global civilization…. So far its just been pregnancy crisis centers, but tomorrow it might be your cars, your homes, or even your lives. We support a diversity of tactics….”

Pro-Palestinian protests are just another tactic. Antifa is the Hamas of the modern west. They are the same. Their common goal is a global domination. Their strategy is the destruction and dismantling of Judeo-Christian morality and the free market economic framework that undergirds the nation-state system. Hamas’ Sharia law—like Antifa’s Marxism—and representative democracy can never co-exist.

They have declared war and reject all overtures of peace. They are revolutionaries and will not back off unless stopped or converted. We deceive ourselves to think these are isolated incidents. We ignore them to our peril.

Christmas is a time when Christians proclaim through parties and lights and gifts, what the Christ child represents: God’s gift of peace to a dark and murderous world. The gift we all long for has been granted if only we would take it, peace on earth.

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