Step Up Tulsa! Invites You!

By David Arnett, Publisher    
Sunday, 15 January 2006
Step Up Tulsa is asking you to do just that – step up.  You are invited to make your opinions heard and thereby impact the future of Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma.  There is no predetermined product or path, no hidden agendas, and participants are uniting from all segments of Tulsa’s social, civic, political, and spiritual communities to reach a common goal – the best future for Tulsa. Please help with a few moments of your time online.

Step Up Tulsa is a project developed by the Funders Roundtable and Tulsa Community Foundation, to assist in assessing community needs and formalizing one encompassing plan that will have measurable outcomes.  
As part of this process, Step Up Tulsa is involved in a community-wide initiative to hold facilitated dialogue sessions in order to gather community input.  In addition, Step Up Tulsa! is gathering feedback via a survey online at  The survey does not take long to complete and will be used in setting priorities.

Step Up Tulsa is also encouraging organizations, committees, agencies or businesses, and churches to contact the Tulsa Community Foundation to host a facilitated listening session.  The sessions are 45 minutes in length and all materials are provided.

Step Up Tulsa was launched on October 25 2005 with approximately 150 Stakeholders from throughout the Greater Tulsa area.  First they reviewed existing strategic plans.  November 15, Stakeholders had the opportunity to take that strategic historical information and develop several forward seeking visions for the Tulsa area.  

The community dialogue segment and online survey of Step Up Tulsa is based on the convergence of that collected research and broadly defined visions for the Tulsa region.  Your participation will help bring those broad visions to clear focus.

This writer and Publisher of Tulsa Today and Bobby Lorton III, Publisher of the Tulsa World, are participating as Stakeholders in Step-Up Tulsa.  If two such fixed and determined competitors can cooperate in open invitation for broad based citizen participation – just consider the strength of all of Tulsa united to grow the best city in the world.
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