Mayor Urges Seniors to Review Medicare Plan

By Local Report    
Thursday, 04 May 2006
Mayor Kathy Taylor issued a press release this week to remind Tulsa seniors about the approaching May 15 deadline regarding Medicare insurance coverage for prescription drugs. “It is important that Tulsa seniors know about the new Medicare prescription plans before the deadline passes,” said Mayor Taylor, “so they can make an informed decision about enrollment.”

With only two weeks remaining until the deadline, individuals have little time left to make up their minds whether or not they will participate in Medicare’s prescription drug coverage.

According to Cindy Loftin, Medicare Specialist, one source of information is Life Senior Services. The organization will offer upcoming clinics until May 15. “We want to make sure everyone understands what the Medicare prescription plans offer, so they can make the right decision for their prescription drug coverage.”

Medicare beneficiaries can choose to enroll in this voluntary drug coverage regardless of their income, health, or how they pay for prescription drugs today. Extra help is available for people with limited income and resources. Current beneficiaries who decide to join after the May 15 deadline will generally have to wait until November 15, and will then pay higher premiums as a penalty for late enrollment.

For more information about the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, please refer to the following information resources:

Life Senior Services (formerly known as Tulsa Senior Services) is a non-profit organization that offers educational workshops and enrollment clinics to help Tulsans understand the new prescription drug program. Visit: or call 664-9000. (See attached list for dates and times of upcoming clinics.)

Medicare’s Web Site provides more details about Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage at The Web site can help you with a personal search to pick a plan – make sure your Medicare card is available, as well as a current list of medications. Or, call 1-800-MEDICARE, anytime, day or night.

Tulsa Area Agency On Aging can assist with Information and Assistance Services for Seniors. Call: 1-800-211-2116 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

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