Miss Belvedere takes the stage

By David Arnett    
Friday, 15 June 2007
The 1957 Plymouth Belvedere buried 50 years ago premiered today on center stage at the Tulsa Convention Center.  Yes, this Miss Belvedere would need a great deal of love to run America’s roads again, but it is a treasure nonetheless.

Thousands of Tulsans, visitors, and worldwide media gathered for the unveiling after a noon excavation from the vault on the Tulsa County Courthouse grounds.  This evening was Tulsarama – a celebration fifty years in the making.  Tulsans of 1957 spoke with pictures, notes, school records, personal mementos of their own priorities, and hope for the future.  Tulsans then dreamed of now and now Tulsans honored them – their gifts – their hope – their belief in Tulsa as the finest city of its size in the world.

More news will be posted at a later date and links provided to historical summaries, but here are the first published photos for Tulsa Today readers as the event continues.

While Miss Belvedere showed damage by water within and without, the contents of the steel cylinder were untouched by moisture.  Maybe officials in 1957 suspected water in the vault could be a problem. Regardless, Miss Belvedere can be restored.

Special thanks to Boyd Coddington, host of “American Hot Rod” and his crew. For more on Tulsarama history and current events visit the web site dedicated to the event by clicking here.

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