Burns Hargis new president for OSU?

Sources tell OKPNS that Burns Hargis to Oklahoma State University is a done deal. The sources say mega-bucks OSU Godfather T. Boone Pickens has signed off on the deal and Hargis will indeed become OSU’s next President as soon as he is eligible.

The former regent must wait for a period of one year before he is technically eligible to be the president.

So what happens to KFOR’s Flashpoint program? Hargis has been the rock on which the program was built, always having to pull fat pant-load Mike Turpin along. Hargis is always entertaining, but Turpin is one of the most disliked television personalities in Oklahoma history. While the show could easily withstand Turpin’s exit, it will be much harder to find an entertaining replacement for Hargis: there are no good television-ready Republican replacements currently living in Oklahoma.

The program failed in Tulsa, and the cheap New York Times company, which has put KFOR up for sale, has been losing money on the show for years. It’s not even the most watched political show in Oklahoma: KWTV’s "Your Vote Counts" segment, which is faster and more entertaining, draws twice as many viewers. So enjoy the current format: whether or not KFOR tries to save the show or not, it’s curtains for either entertainment or Flashpoint altogether.
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