TulsaNow hijacked

TulsaNow.org has disappeared from its traditional location.  In an e-mail distributed this afternoon, forum staff report, “TulsaNow is not currently in control of the TulsaNow.org domain name.  That issue is being resolved, but [not quickly].”
Apparently, someone else wanted the URL and paid to reserve it should it become available.  TulsaNow apparently did not pay the re-registration fee in a timely manner.  The details, staff say, are somewhat “gruesome,” but they believe they can recapture the original address.
Those addicted to anonymous pontification, insults and firebombing of public policy are encouraged to find the forum at its temporary location (click here) as a dot net.  TulsaNow the organization may also be reached at the dot net address (click here), but content is several months old.

TulsaNow the organization has faded in credibility as the forum has gained in the number of anonymous postings.  The number of real people posting is also declining as idiots set up multiple user names to further egocentric if not truly mad ravings. 

While TulsaNow the organization could rally hundreds of civic minded Tulsans to debate Vision 2025 in 2003, only a handful showed this year (excluding staff, partisans on both sides and media) to hear debate on the Arkansas River Development proposal.