Best Legs at High Heel-A-Thon

Top morning talk show "Live with Regis and Kelly" today awarded Tulsan Krista Keuchel a trophy – not a small thing or small cause or small trophy for that matter.
Adding to the pantheon of athletic achievement, “Live with Regis and Kelly” presented its first-ever athletic competition:  REGIS AND KELLY’S HIGH HEEL-A-THON, a 150-yard dash in New York City’s Central Park.  Unlike more run-of the-mill sprints, there was a twist as all participants in the event were required to wear high-heeled shoes during the competition, with a minimum of a 3-inch heel.  Five hundred women, including “Live” co-host Kelly Ripa, entered the contest, which netted $60,000 for the March of Dimes and which aired on today’s “Live with Regis and Kelly” broadcast.

Keuchel was one of the many participants who traveled thousands of miles to take part in the High Heel-A-Thon, and though she didn’t win the competition, she still took home another special award. Krista, 22, was chosen as the winner of the “Nivea Best Legs Award” after going up against other viable candidates whose legs were judged based on certain criteria: shape, beauty, tone, proportion, and strut.  (We loved the strut.)  At the conclusion of the show, Regis and Kelly presented Krista with a large golden leg trophy although where she will display such a prize that appears almost as tall as she is remains an open question.
This once again proves that the most beautiful, good-hearted, intelligent, talented and athletic (even in heels) women in America are from Oklahoma — Tulsa if you want to get specific – has legs.