Disney Institute “best practices” teach Tulsans

Professional Training: It doesn’t take any training to recognize that the world’s economy has taken a significant downturn. It does take effective and proven professional development training to guide impacted organizations back to the summit.

A one-day local workshop, the Disney Keys to Excellence program is a rare and affordable opportunity to learn best business practices from Disney insiders, and discover ways to easily and immediately adapt and apply those best practices to pick up the pace in these slow economic times.

Organizations from across the nation and around the world have learned proven philosophies, adapted critical lessons, and implemented effective processes to reap the rewards of improvements in leadership, management, service, and brand loyalty.
Professional development doesn’t cost—it pays.  It pays by creating a framework of focused energy in a vacuum of uncertainty.  It pays by helping an organization gain share in a slow economy.  It pays because it has been proven to strengthen employee morale and retention, which will be critical to emerge from tough times.

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TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER GO TO: http://keysus.com/splash/TTPBWsplash.htm

No prerequisite training required.