Tulsa Today names new managing editor

Thursday, 11 June 2009
Tulsa Today is pleased to announce the addition of a new managing editor.

“Tracy Crain, a writer with Tulsa Today since 2008, will assume her new responsibilities this week,” David Arnett, owner and publisher, said.

Crain began her Journalism career in the press room of a small town newspaper, where she covered everything from school board meetings to in-depth feature stories on local residents and issues of importance.

From there, she went to work for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, where she specialized in feature stories, a weekly series on small towns, and served as a photographer for more than eight years.

In addition to serving as a reporter, Crain has worked in advertising, where she won two SSIA awards for commercial copywriting.  Her work has been published and aired nationally.  She has also received distinction as a delta writer from Harvard professors for contributions in poetry.

“I’m excited about this new opportunity.  David and I are in the beginning stages of a new plan to bring our readers the best of coverage and I’m looking forward to connecting with Tulsa Today readers in a whole new way,” Crain said.  “I check my email everyday.  Reader comments are strongly encouraged.  If there’s something of interest to our audience, I’d love to hear about it.”

She continued, "Assuming this new position will be a slow merger, as we map out new avenues for coverage and ways to deliver it.  David and I will be working collaboratively on those issues.  Tulsa Today readers shouldn’t expect a dramatic change overnight, but a gradual shift and expansion of what is currently in place."

An honor graduate, Crain holds degrees in English and Journalism, with emphasis in online technology.  She is a fan of baseball, especially the Yankees, and volunteers in her spare time with numerous organizations.

Last Updated ( Monday, 29 June 2009 )