David Cook from the heart

Tulsa Today Exclusive
“Is this the moment that I look you in the eye?” The lyrics melt into the sound of the piano.  “I’m permanent,” David Cook sings.  Each painstaking, beautiful note, causes a lump to the throat.

It’s hard to breathe as the song comes into full crescendo. “Permanent,” a release from Cook’s self-titled debut album, is a dedication to his brother Adam. 
It’s been nearly two months since Adam passed away from cancer.  The loss is raw and there’s an urge to tip-toe.  It’s hard not to cry.
Rightly so, Cook has come home to Tulsa.  People here have adopted this talented, tender musician, who moved into the area, lived here, and served up drinks at the local bar way before the success of American Idol.  And, it’s where he will be loved and cherished long after.
Cook says, “I have been fortunate to be as busy as I have been.  It helps the grieving process. We are back in the routine of things and everything is good.” 

He continues, “The loss of a brother…it is not something you really get over.  That’s why I got involved with the Race for the Cure–it galvanizes me.  I don’t want Adam to be just another statistic.”
Of all the songs that he’s released, “Permanent,” is Cook’s favorite. “From writing it to recording it, the project took two weeks. I was kind of surprised that we were able to get around all the red tape.”
Cook returned to American Idol this past season to perform the song, “Permanent,” on the show’s finale. Proceeds from that recording, which was available through Itunes, went to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2), a Washington, D.C.-based organization dedicated to finding a cure for brain cancer.”
A year after winning the seventh season of “American Idol,” record sales indicate Cook has distinguished himself far and above that initial success.
A perfect example of that success is his show, scheduled for tonight, at Cain’s Ballroom.  It has caused quite a stir.  Tickets for this event sold quickly and are coveted.
Andrew Hughes, assistant manager of Starship Records, located at 13th and Lewis, illustrates the point. “He came running out of the gate real fast with those tickets sales.  When people are calling all day long the day you get the tickets in, you know it’s a good show.  I know David’s from around here and I think it’s really good that he has so much support.”
He continued, “His show sold out within a day. The demand has been so popular that the agent has come back and released more tickets three times.”
Cook, who maintains that, “he found himself musically in Tulsa,” has been experiencing similar success throughout the 75-76 shows he has performed on “The Declaration Tour.” 
“We have been doing really well.  There is a high sell-out rate, around 96 percent.  Fans have been really, really responsive,” Cook said. “I am extremely excited to come back to Tulsa.” 
Not only has Cook found success in touring, his self-titled “David Cook” cd has been well received.
In December of 2008, The Los Angeles Times reported that the single, "Time of My Life," had spent more than 10 weeks on the Billboard adult contemporary charts…making him one of 15 solo male artists to do so for 10 weeks or more since the chart began in 1961."
Sales of his album have gone platinum. “Light On,” was the first official single to debut and was followed with the releases of “The Time of My Life,” “Come Back to Me,” and “Permanent.” 
“There are so many variables for me when it comes to this cd,” Cook said. “We put it together in under four months.  The fact that we were able to do that and do one that is representative of me in that time is amazing.  I am proud of it and I want other people to be proud of it, too.”
The cd, David Cook, entered the Billboard charts at number three, also debuted as the number one album on the digital album chart, and is the best debut from an American Idol winner since 2006.  As reported on his website, “…Collectively the songs from David Cook have sold over 2 million tracks and ringtones combined.  His current single "Come Back To Me" is pushing Top 10 at Hot AC radio, following up Top 5 singles ("Light On" and "Time Of My Life") at the format.”
“My father has a lot to do with my success. I grew up watching him play guitar,” Cook said.  As a child, Cook had wanted a drum set. Instead, his father purchased him a guitar. He admits now, “I am thankful for that.”
Cook spent Father’s Day with family and friends from Tulsa.  At that time, he was not yet sure about what he was going to do at tonight‘s show, but he is looking forward to the performance. “I don’t plan too far ahead,” he said. “Several of my band mates are from the local area.  One of them just might sing,” he says, promisingly, ever courteous and kind.
“I have known David a long time.  I had a band years ago and we all played together.  He worked for me down at the club I own,” Jeff Martinson, owner of Exit6C, a musician and friend of Cook, said.  “The one thing I remember about David is that he had this huge voice.  I always told him that he had the voice of a lion.”

Martinson continues, “David is a gentleman.  It’s amazing what he has gone through and what he has achieved in the last few years.  He is a great guy and a hell of a talent.”

Comparing Cook’s talent to that of other idol winners, Martinson says, “David is one of the few that actually writes his own music.  Historically, if you look at folks like Carrie Underwood, she might write one line and they graciously give credit to that.  Cook is a songwriter and I know he is about to be working on some upcoming projects that people want him to do.”

He continues, “I feel like he is the first real musician American Idol ever had.  At least, the rock n rollers here feel that way.  I am looking forward to hearing his next cd.”
The Declaration Tour, recently extended, wraps up in October 2009. To learn more about David Cook, visit his official website.