David Cook rocks Cain’s

Review: David Cook played to a standing room only crowd at Cain’s Ballroom on Tuesday night, where there was a warm and romantic welcome. 

A proposal was made moments before Cook was scheduled to perform.

Out of nowhere, a gentleman came to the microphone.  He called out to his girlfriend, who was standing in the crowd and asked her to the front. He then proposed.  It was sweet and she said “yes” as the sound of cheers filled the room.

Security then tightened around the stage where photographers and media stood to the side and in front of the barricades, waiting with an ever growing crowd, for Cook.

Suddenly, lights came on and flickered, applause echoed and he came bursting onto the stage. The first song was “Heroes.”
His voice was strong. Dressed in black jeans, a black t-shirt and a pair of black boots, he looked great and comfortable. Overall, he had firm control of his stage performance, which did not disappoint. 

Throughout his hour and 15 minute set, such hits as “Declaration,” and “Come Back to Me,” were heard.

He frequently addressed the audience.  He spoke of his early days in Tulsa as the crowd interacted and communicated back.

“I remember three years ago, I was harassing Phil to let me book a show here. Tonight we sold out,” he said. The crowd cheered enthusiastically.

Cook gave a performance of “Shattered Dreams,” and “Til I’m Blue.” He spoke of a couch at 41st and Yale Streets, where he spent some time songwriting.  His two closing songs, “Light On,” and “A Daily Anthem,” drew significant crowd reaction.

As one Tulsa Today reader, Cori Griswold, of Connecticut, wrote in to say, “My favorite thing about seeing David Cook in concert is that he really connects with the audience and makes each person feel a part of the show.  His band is incredibly tight with great chemistry.  It isn’t often that you can say a band sounds better live than on a produced album but it is 100% accurate in this case.”

She continued, “After seeing them live, I immediately went looking for tickets to future shows so I could witness it all again!

Ryan Star, currently promoting his “Last Train Home,” EP, was Cook’s opening act. For more information on Star, visit www.rstar.net.  For information on future David Cook tour dates, please visit: www.davidcookoffical.com

Editor’s Post Script:  Tulsa Today was proud to be a part of welcoming David Cook back home to Cain‘s Ballroom. 

Kevin Pyle, Tulsa Today photographer, members of DCF and the promoters graciously provided my show accommodations and it was appreciated.

Thanks to security at Cain’s and Kevin,  I did have one of the best seats in the house.  Positioned about two feet from the stage, I was able to see his Cook’s performance and gauge the fan reaction.  It was touching.  So heart-felt, compliments filled the air about this Tulsan they so dearly love.

After the show, I went to the newspaper, where publisher David Arnett and I discussed the overwhelming reaction we received to the David Cook article.

Cooks fans far and wide made their presence known and we experienced a tremendous hit count to our website.  Your support was overflowing and we thank you so much.

Moments after leaving the paper, I ran into David Cook unexpectedly.  Out of the blue, I heard this voice. I turned to look and he was standing right behind me!!!

I was so surprised.  We shook hands and I told him of the reaction we had to the interview he gave Tulsa Today.  We also spoke of his remaining tour as he posed for a picture and gave an autograph to a passerby that had recognized him.  He is every bit the way so many describe him–authentic, genuine and kind. 

Cook indicated he was looking forward to his upcoming performances.  Then, we spoke of Kris Allen and an upcoming interview.  Cook offered a few comments for the upcoming article on Allen, another Tulsa Today exclusive.  Look for that to be posted in the following weeks.

Overall, Cook appeared happy and was among friends.