Jonny Lang visits Tulsa

Tulsans caught a rare glimpse of Grammy winner Jonny Lang, who recently performed at Cain’s Ballroom, immediately prior to David Cook’s homecoming.

One could almost hear the lyrics from his mainstream commercial hit, “Lie to me. Go ahead lie to me,” echoing out of the ipod players and car stereos hours before Lang’s coveted performance.

After playing to a full house, he quickly departed, in route to Alabama, the next stop on his tour schedule.

Originally from North Dakota, this musical prodigy took to singing at the age of 12 and released his first album by the age of 15, topping the Billboard New Artist Charts. Lang quickly distinguished himself as a blues singer. Since that time, he has grown into a more "mature, creative force."
With this newest release, Lang illustrates that–as he focuses more on the purpose and meaning in life.

After the success of "Lie to me," (You can check out a cool version of the video at this address:–2143760) it’s been said that "Lang has learned what it means to rise above hard times and to find meaning where chaos seems to rule."

Indeed, he has utilized those lessons in his new album, “Turn Around,“ making this compilation one of the more pivotal works in his career to date.

Although he has actually recorded five, Lang’s official discography includes four cd compilations:  Wander this World, Lie To Me, Long Time Coming, and the latest, Turn Around.

Lang’s musical resume includes performances with the likes of Aerosmith, (whose lead singer is known for marrying a Tulsa girl), B.B. King, and Blues Traveler.

He has also made an appearance in the film Blues Brothers 2000, where he played a janitor.

Interestingly enough, his sister, Jesse Langseth, was a semifinalist in the 8th season of American Idol, working with such performers as Kris Allen, who will be highlighted in a Tulsa Today Special in the following weeks.

To learn more about Jonny Lang’s tour schedule or his music, visit his website at