AG wants jury to hear new evidence in rape case

Monday, 03 August 2009
OKLAHOMA CITY-Attorney General Drew Edmondson today has asked the Pittsburg County District Court to empanel a grand jury to hear new evidence in an alleged child rape and sexual abuse case.

Edmondson’s application lists the focus of the grand jury as David Harold Eugene Earls.  According to the request, the proposed scope of the county grand jury will include the examination of "alleged lewd and lascivious acts against a child under fourteen."

"Earls is set to leave prison on his previous conviction for rape and forcible sodomy in just a few weeks," Edmondson said. "After reviewing Earls’ case file, I asked our investigators to look further into Earls’ history and to determine if other unprosecuted crimes existed."

The attorney general said investigators found a history of alleged sexual misconduct, as well as possible crimes that had not yet been prosecuted.

"Our investigators interviewed potential victims and witnesses in three different states," Edmondson said. "We gathered information of alleged sexual abuse going back about 30 years.

We also learned of more recent allegations that have not been charged."

At the same time, Edmondson said, attorneys were reviewing state statutes and state and federal case law, especially as they relate to statute of limitations, double jeopardy and double punishment.

"We have strong evidence to present to the grand jury and we stand on solid legal ground to pursue our allegations on these new crimes," Edmondson said. "Knowledge of Earls’ alleged history of abuse will bolster our argument that he is a continuing threat."

Further details of the attorney general’s investigation were filed today under seal.

earls grand jury.pdf ($FILE/earls%20grand%20jury.pdf)

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