Matching Grant Program For Beautification Projects Announced

Qualifying neighborhood and homeowners’ associations can apply for a new matching grant beautification program, officials announced Thursday.

The grants are available to all neighborhood and homeowners’ associations registered with the city of Tulsa, or registered with a non-profit organization, according to a press release.

The grants will fund various beautification projects by providing a dollar-for-dollar match from the Tulsa Beautification Foundation and George Kaiser Family Foundation with other locally-raised funds.

The program was announced Thursday during a press conference with Mayor Kathy Taylor, city of Tulsa Working in Neighborhoods Department and representatives from the Tulsa Community Foundation and George Kaiser Family Foundation.  

Certain criteria for proposed projects must involve the neighborhood and community residents and have a standing sustainable benefit with a necessary plan in place before improvements start, the release said.

“Encouraging neighborhoods to get involved in beautification through this matching grant has been a goal that it is exciting to see us finally be able to launch,” Mayor Kathy Taylor said. “This gives citizens the chance to create and implement sustainable change in their neighborhoods.”

Applications and requirements for the program are available at the city’s web site:

 All applicants will then mail their application to the Tulsa Beautification Foundation to receive grant committee approval for their beautification project.

“We are excited to have the matching grant program in coordination with the City of Tulsa and look forward to start receiving applications for all neighborhoods or non-profits interested,” Phil Lakin, board president of the Tulsa Beautification Foundation said. “This is a great way for citizens to get engaged in their neighborhood as well as cultivate the spirit of volunteerism in our community.”

In conjunction with the matching grant program, an event called "Tidy Up Tulsa with Taylor," will be held on Sept. 26, from 8 – 11 a.m. The central meeting location will be at the Green Country Event Center lot at 31st St. between Garnett and 129th, to kick-off the event and for volunteers to receive bags and gloves, and then be dispersed to all areas in Tulsa.

"Tidy Up Tulsa with Taylor" is being coordinated through the Tulsa Metropolitan Trust, City of Tulsa, the Tulsa Beautification Foundation and the George Kaiser Family Foundation.