RHEMA Weekend For Prospective Students

RHEMA Bible Training Center will be holding its fall "College Weekend" for prospective students Oct. 23-25.

The weekend program gives visitors a chance to experience firsthand the school’s spiritual, academic and social activities. Those interested will be able to attend classes, tour the campus, have lunch with the school’s founders and attend an optional Fast Track Application session.

Activities will begin at 8:30 a.m. Oct. 23 and conclude at noon, Oct. 25. To register, visit www.rhema.org/rcw or call 918-258-1588, ext. 2238. Registration fee is $35 and includes all activities, as well as transportation between hotels and the campus.

The RHEMA Bible Training Center was founded in 1974 and has equipped More than 25,000 men and women for the ministry. RHEMA uses a Bible-based curriculum to help students in every area of ministry.

RBTC’s first-year curriculum consists of 24 essential courses aimed at providing each student with a solid biblical and spiritual foundation. Areas of specialty in the second-year program include pastoring, missions, evangelism, youth, children, and supportive service. RHEMA also offers advanced third-year specialty programs, which include the RHEMA School of World Missions, RHEMA School of Pastoral Ministry, RHEMA School of Worship, and the General Extended Studies program.