Vote “No” On BA Bond Issue

On December 8th there will be a decisive vote on the Bond Issue for Broken Arrow Public Schools. We encourage you to get the word out and Vote NO on this ballot.

Why do we ask this?  It is really very simple and straightforward:  There are “needs” and there are “wants”…and there are too many “wants” in this bond.

1.    Broken Arrow is the highest taxed city, in the highest taxed county in the state.
2.    This bill raises property taxes even higher over the next 15 years. In this economy – enough is enough!
3.    This is a $295 million tax increase, which is believed to be one of the largest school bond requests in state history.
4.    It is full of frivolous fees (wants):
·    Nearly $3,000,000.00 is allocated for undefined “fees” alone!
·    $11,000,000.00 for a new indoor football stadium!
·    Larger media center: $21,375,000.00
5.    It is a long term burden for schools: They will be left to pay huge interest amounts for years!
6.    This bond essentially maxes-out Broken Arrow’s debt ceiling.  What if a need arises later?  Where will Broken Arrow turn to raise those funds?  More taxes?
7.    This is a mis-prioritization of the budget. The Broken Arrow police department can’t even afford to hire new officers, and they want to build an indoor football arena?  
8.    Citizens are the only ‘check’ on the spending habits of school boards.  Spending other people’s money is the most addictive thing in the world.
9.    This bond goes to show that once a tax is implemented – it never goes away!
10.    This is a package even Santa wouldn’t deliver! 

Under the guise of providing for a growing community, the Bond is an enormous debt!  The real needs are lost, and pushed to the background when, instead of honing in on what is really important, this bond serves as a one stop shop for the wants of school districts.

It is true that Broken Arrow schools have needs, such as permanent classrooms to dispose of portable classrooms and better technology, but this bond covers erroneous wants. This is your chance to hold the local government’s feet to the fire and let them know that you want efficiency and integrity in their handling of your hard earned dollar.

Here’s what you can do to help:  
·    Get to the polls on December 8th and Vote NO!
·    Visit our website:  and sign up for e-mail updates.
·    Tell your friends about this bond – and take them to the polls on Dec 8th!  
·    Spread the attached 10 points about the bill to your fellow activists.

The Chamber recently sent around an e-mail asking employers to “identify those living in the Broken Arrow Public Schools area and encourage them to vote yes.” Something must be amuck if they are taking the risk of asking people to “persuade” voters to cast their ballot this way. What does the Chamber stand to win if this bond passes?

To protect your community and make sure that education, and not money, is the focal point of the Broken Arrow Public Schools.  Please join your fellow community members and raise awareness about the vote on December 8th!  

Remember to visit: for the most up to date information!

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