Op-Ed: State Democratic Pary

Dear friend,

The Republican Party in Oklahoma is near its breaking point.

Though the GOP wants you to believe that everything is fine, that they’re in control, and that they’re going to keep winning elections, recent events tell a different story.

In August, Gary Jones, GOP chair, said that if the Republicans are "working together collectively, I predict a sweep." But Jones may be too busy working on a lawsuit he filed over his lost elections in 2002 and 2006 to tend to his party – because significant cracks are showing in their armor.

Already Republican Sen. Glenn Coffee is throwing fits over the battle for who will succeed him as his party’s leader in the Senate, intimidating his fellow GOP senators and threatening to "burn down the house" if he doesn’t get his way.

But Coffee’s not the only one in the middle of the Republican crack-up.

Though Mary Fallin wants you to believe she’s the heir to the throne in the GOP race for governor, her Republican opponent is criticizing "career politicians" like Mary and railing against her "politics as usual" games in D.C.

Fallin’s open Congressional seat has drawn six Republicans trying to elbow their way through the field for their party’s nomination. They have multiple candidates facing off for the State Superintendent’s race, for Lt. Governor, for Treasurer, and for the Attorney General post. And they have only one statewide incumbent, who hasn’t even made up his mind yet about re-election.

So much for "working together collectively."

The Republicans don’t want you to see it, but the civil war that’s underway in their own party is too big to miss. And Democrats are poised to take advantage of their in-fighting.

Now, more than ever, we need your support. There is too much on the line in 2010 – from the Governor’s seat on down, we need to support the Democrats who have stepped up to lead our state into the future.

Now, more than ever, we need you to help us work together to make Oklahoma a better place. I hope you can help us by giving $10, $35, $50 or more – whatever you can afford – to keep pushing the Republicans apart and to help elect a Democratic team that will work for Oklahoma.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Todd Goodman
Chair, Oklahoma Democratic Party

PS – Four years ago, Democrats in Oklahoma put our differences aside and nearly swept the statewide elections. We can win again – but we need you to help! Please consider giving $10, $35, $50 or more to help us secure Democratic victories in 2010!