An Interview with Mary Fallin

Later today U.S. Representative Mary Fallin will speak to the Tulsa Republican Club on her race to become Governor of Oklahoma and her experience as an Oklahoma Conservative in Washington.  The luncheon begins at 11:30 am at the Summit Club, 15 West 6th Street in Tulsa.  In advance of that function, Tulsa Today spoke with Rep. Fallin at our offices in Downtown Tulsa.

Tulsa Today:  It appears that Democrats are pushing America quicker to socialism than communists could have done with a gun.  How goes the battle?

Mary Fallin:  When the elections of 2008 came around, the American people were looking for change in concern about where we were going as a nation.  I don’t believe Americans got the change they wanted and certainly not the change America needed.  From my perspective, having the honor and privilege to serve the last three years in Congress, these battles are real.  In the balance lie the fate of our nation and the future of our children.

The Liberals control Washington D.C. and you see that reflected in big spending, big government, intrusive regulation, and Federal mandates on states.  The issues in debate include a government takeover of; health care, personal choices on energy through “Cap and Trade,” union takeover of private businesses through “Card Check,” and a few in Washington seem to be against all American produced energy.  The battle is real and about the future.

I believe Americans are awakening to what has happened and realizing how very important it is to engage to let their voices be heard.  It appears to me that Washington is very arrogant.  Most in government believe they know better than the people.  

I’ve believe the people know best and that the problems of our nation will be solved around the kitchen table as we hold the discussions Ronald Reagan spoke of with family.  The principals that he stood for are basic and important.  Values of individual responsibility, limited government, low taxes, freedom, liberty, and respect for the limits the Constitution places on government never go out of style.  We must prevent those who would step all over the Constitution.

Tulsa Today:  Why then at this critical time would you not stay engaged in Washington?

Mary Fallin: I am running for Governor because this battle for America is real and in many ways local.  Oklahomans are experiencing difficult times now; worrying about having a job, rent or house payments and putting children through college – the questions of personal economy.

We should all be concerned about the Federal government’s “over-reach” onto our lives, I believe no one knows better than I do how best to represent Oklahoma and stand for the values that will get Oklahoma on the right track – especially in the light of a national recession.

I have had the honor of serving in the Oklahoma legislature beginning in 1990. I have a track record in the legislature of getting things done.  As one of only three Republican women in the Oklahoma House, I was still able to get bills passed and signed – over a dozen bills passed.  Those bills did things for the state of Oklahoma including; appropriate healthcare reform, important small business measures, criminal justice and public safety reform.  I wrote the Stalker Law for the State of Oklahoma.

As Lieutenant Governor, I served in the Executive Branch and traveled across the state to more bean supper and Chicken Fry meals than I can count.

I’ve been here during the tragic times including the Oklahoma City Bombing, wild grass fires, ice storms and tornadoes.  I’ve lead during a time of crisis in our state and now with the honor to serve in Washington, I am the only person with such experiences – Legislative and Administrative on the State and Federal levels.

As Governor, I will be one of fifty that can sit down with President Obama and tell him “you’re not going to pass unfunded mandates back onto our state, you’re not going to tell us how we’re going to deliver our healthcare to our citizens and take away their rights as free people to determine what type of healthcare and how much they want of it”

I will stand for the things that are important to our citizens. Frankly, some of the best models of reform have come from governors including innovative approaches to the reform of healthcare and education.  Those initiatives started with government that is closest to the people – state government.  The states can transition workable solutions throughout the Nation.

In Washington I am only one of 435 Members, it’s a very frustrating time.  Many in Washington have lost their way; they have become oblivious to how people really think in America.

I believe that Oklahoma has a great future. We are in a recession and we need a strong leader who can lead us out of that recession.  We need a governor that will focus on jobs and building a strong economy that knows the boundaries of the Federal Government and the Rights of the States according to the Constitution.  Oklahoma needs a governor who will eliminate waste and create more efficiency and accountability in the delivery of services.  That is the type of leader I will be.

Tulsa Today:  Can we trust that you will remain a passionate conservative?

Mary Fallin:  All anyone has to do is look at my track record. The various awards I have received locally and nationally or the lifetime conservative ranking I have earned to know where I stand on issues.  I am the same as I have been.  I have received endorsements and high rankings (many times the highest rank of the Oklahoma delegation) from the; American Conservative Union, Americans for Tax Reform, focus on the Family, NRA, Farm Bureau,  and the Oil and Gas Industry.

I have been consistent, dependable, and reliable in all of my positions.  I have a 96% conservative ranking in the US Congress.  I appreciate people who have a new fire in their spirit, and I’m glad that the people in our Nation are waking up to join me in the battle.

I’ve been fighting these battles for 19 years.  I’m not a “Johnny come lately” that decided to go fight these battles.  I’ve been fighting them.  Fighting for limited government and fighting to reduce government spending.  I’ve seen big government take over industry which I oppose.  I fight for free market.  I am the co-sponsor of a resolution to assert States Rights of the Tenth Amendment.  I recently sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi on behalf of our delegation.  I drafted it, got the whole Oklahoma Congressional Delegation to sign it that stated directly to Speaker Pelosi and President Obama that we do not believe it is fair to have some states excluded from paying taxes for the big government take over of healthcare as in the “Nebraska Kickback.”  It’s not right.

Tulsa Today: Will the Court System ever call the Legislative and Executive branches of government back to their Constitutional limits?

Mary Fallin
: The separation of powers is fundamental to our government, but there are times when you have to wonder – where are the courts?

From working at both the state and national level, I have a deeper appreciation of the fundamentals of our government as established by our Founding Fathers.  We face a challenge from those that seek to destroy the constitutionally established limits on government and our individual Liberty those limits guarantee.


Editor’s Note: The Tulsa Republican Club luncheon is open to the public and costs $18 for members, $20 for non-members.  Any Republican is welcome to join at a cost of $25 per year.  Parking in the Bank of America Building is free for this function.  More information is available online, click here for more

Photography by Marc Rains