Questioning Beck and Palin

At any moment Glenn Beck and or Sarah Palin’s “people” may call.  Tulsa Today has requested interviews with both – they have our numbers.  Regardless, this writer and publisher will attend the “Taking Back Our Country Tour” Saturday at the Convention Center and publish reports here.  What follows are questions I hope to ask.

America is undergoing a political paradigm shift – we see the house burning – and from the ground up politics and media, as we have known it, may never be the same.

It is painfully obvious that President Barack Hussein Obama repeatedly fails to tell the truth.  This writer first questioned if Obama was a socialist in May of 2008, but the better term may be “collective” in his foundational ideology oft stated that “only government can solve this crisis” regardless of the crisis.

To the contrary, many believe government is the crisis.  Dramatic reversal of government power over the citizenry in taxation and regulation is the key foundational ideology of the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) movement and Conservatives (regardless of party) nationwide.  With respect to both Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for their leadership and support of Constitutional government here are our questions:

Question 1:  Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution entrusts Congress “To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign Coin …” It is the complaint of the people that the value of our currency is now endangered by unrestricted excessive deficit spending by Congress.  The First Amendment guarantees the right of the people to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” but the U.S. Justice System does not appear engaged on this issue and, should the currency collapse, too slow if not ill-equipped for the task.  What other method, beyond regular elections, are available for the people to petition government on this particular grievance?

Follow Up:  When will public hearings be held on government’s failure to regulate the financial and housing industries?  Does Congress have the courage and honor to accept responsibility wherever it may fall?  If not, should the people hold hearings outside of Washington?

Question:  All involuntary seizure of private funds by government is plunder upon its people.  What percentage of plunder should be allowed?  In your opinion, should that percentage be formally capped at a level less or greater than the percent seized by Kings in the Middle Ages?

  Appointed Chief Justice by President John Adams in 1801, John Marshall asserted that government could do whatever is not “explicitly” or “expressly” prohibited thus creating “incidental or implied powers” which many citizens believe were never intended or allowed by the Constitution.  Would you support a Constitutional Amendment to add the word “expressly” to the Tenth Amendment?

Question:  Would you support a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit government ownership of private companies?

Question: Many conservative media voices say journalism is dead or failed, but that blanket condemnation fails to note the fact that the First Amendment only applies to those who own the press.  Until the Fox News Channel premiered (the same year as, there was no national media balancing individual liberty advocates with collective utopia advocates.  National radio talk shows are often competitively restricted from networking with locals not within their respective corporate agreements so what have you done or what can you do to address that issue?  

Follow Up:  Would you support a national alliance of local conservative journalists and pundits pledged to support the original intent of Constitution of the United States of America?

Yes of course, Tulsa Today would also ask the normal general questions of these national media stars.  How is your life and family?  What were the most important events you credit as inspirational in your career?  What do you see yourself doing in five or ten years?  What is the greatest goal you hope to achieve in your public careers?  

These more casual questions are answered somewhat in books both Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have written (copies available in the Tulsa Today library by the way), but the answers help us all better understand the individual in a personal way.

No matter what the future may bring; the grass will grow and the cattle will graze and Oklahoma will be fine.  Oklahoma is a land of independent energy both human and natural.  Outlaws, Indians, Wildcatters, and world recognized Evangelicals hail from here.  We don’t care what the critics may say if we think we are right and we will fight for what is right as our forefathers have worldwide for generations.

Yes, Woody Guthrie was born a few miles from here, but so were Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Hoyt Axton, not to mention rockers JJ Cale, Carl Radle and Leon Russell, and a great deal of other talent.  We have mined riches in the deepest earth to provide power for an industrial revolution.  We have flown in space (when NY and LA where “flyover country” – loved that).  We have commanded armies and served our nation with honor.  We have created art and music.  We pray for our nation.  We ask, yes in demanding tone, that national leadership not betray us, our people and our kid’s future.

Now Mr. Beck and Mrs. Palin, talk to us.  You have the number, just call.  Our public office is two city blocks away from the venue, drop by or allow us to meet you at any time.  We are listening.  We will be watching.  We are your audience, your people, your fellow Americans so rave on, we are taking notes.


About the author: David Arnett began his career in
professional journalism in 1985 and has published Tulsa Today online since
1996 – years before Al Gore invented the Internet.  He has won two national awards as
a First Amendment Publisher. Arnett is a Constitutional Republican and a  proud pain in the political derriere of the
disingenuous.  On Tulsa Today, his work has exposed international fraud, official corruption and "first connected the dots" which led to prison terms for former-State Auditor Jeff McMahman.  Beginning April 3, he will host "The David Arnett Show" on KRMG radio.  Editorials by Arnett that may also be of interest to readers include:  "Obama’s Most Significant Statement" published October 21, 2008 and "Flame on What Why America"published October 31, 2009.