Jihad Against Christians

Much of the media and the western world are again ignoring the appalling slaughters of Christians in Nigeria and other parts of the world and threats of worse to come. 

Over the past weekend (March 7, 2010), Muslims attacked three targeted Nigerian villages, Zot, Dogo and Nahawa, killing 500 Christian villagers (many of them young children). 


A Times Online/Reuters report described the brutal massacre as follows:

Witnesses said gangs waited at main entry points to the villages while others went from house to house, setting the homes on fire.  Those who fled were killed at the exit points. Others were slaughtered after being caught in animal traps and nets as they ran in the dark.

Ben Kwashi, Anglican Archbishop of Jos, said he visited one of three villages engulfed by the violence. “I could see kids from age zero to teenagers, all butchered from the back, macheted in their necks, their heads. Deep cuts in the mouths of babies. The stench. People wailing and crying,” he said. . . .

Survivors told The Times that entire families were killed, some to the chants of Allahu Akbar — God is Greatest.   They said villagers awoke to shouting and gunfire at about 3am on Sunday.   “They then set homes on fire and attacked men, women and children.  Many were decapitated,” said Theresa Malinowska, press officer for Christian Solidarity Worldwide.  Staff counted the bodies of four babies and 28 children under 5 in one location alone. . . .
Times Online also reported that, after the weekend massacre, frightened Christians were streaming out of the central Nigeria villages after receiving threats of new attacks from the Muslims responsible for the weekend atrocities.

The official U.S. reaction to the Nigerian massacre was very mild.  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged “all parties to exercise restraint.”  Curiously, the Obama administration’s reaction to Jews building homes in Jerusalem this week was much harsher that the administration’s reaction to the Muslim massacre of hundreds of Christians.

Survivors of the massacre also criticized the Nigerian government for doing “too little, too late.” 

This was only one of a series of attacks.  A lengthy article by Michele Malkin in 2006, entitled Muslims Kill Christians In Nigeria, lists numerous grisly attacks from 1999 onwards. (Click here for more.)

Also this year, in January 2010, about 200 Muslim youths assaulted a female passer-by, and then attacked St Michael’s (Catholic) Church in the city of Jos, Nigeria, killing and injuring several members. The Muslim youths also set fire to local houses, businesses and churches, including a Christ Apostolic Church and two Evangelical Churches of West Africa.  

Coptic Christians in Egypt have also been frequently attacked by their Muslim countrymen.  Just recently, in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, six Coptic Christians were shot to death and nine were wounded on January 6, 2010.  Three suspected Muslim gunmen shot automatic weapons at Christian worshipers from a moving car, as the victims were leaving a Coptic Christmas Eve church service.  

Both in Egypt and in the Palestinian territories, Muslims relentlessly taunt Christians with chants of “abel es-sabbat jibel-ahad” (after Saturday comes Sunday), meaning after we finish with the Jews, the Christians are next.  In the face of such threats, tens of thousands of Christians have fled from Bethlehem, mostly to Israel.   Bethlehem was 80% Christian prior to the Palestinian intifada, and now only a tiny minority of Christians remain.  See Bethlehem’s Christian Exodus, by David Meir-Levi, FrontPageMagazine.com (Click here for more). 

Those of us who respect life need to pay attention to these horrible murders and threats to life, and to insist that all needed steps should be taken to stop such violence.


About the author:
Elizabeth Berney, Esq. is an attorney who has worked on human rights, securities fraud and consumer safety cases.  She is a mother of three now grown children, grandmother, and Republican candidate for Congress in Queens and Nassau County, Long Island and a contributor to Tulsa Today.  She may be reached at LizBerneyforCongress@gmail.com.