Marine Joins Battle for Congress

Billy Coyle, a U.S. Marine and Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney  announced April 6th that he will be seeking the Democratic nomination for the 5th Congressional district, a seat being vacated by Congresswoman Mary Fallin.  I’m tired of all the partisan politics taking place in Washington while our economy remains stagnant and jobs continue to be shipped overseas. This race is not about party affiliation," Coyle said.

"I’m not running for Congress because I need a job, nor am I a
politician looking for a government career. I want to be the Congressman
looking out for the people of Oklahoma. No one came to me and said run
for office. I am doing this because I am tired of big government, big
insurance, and big politics. I am convinced that I can make a
difference," Coyle added.

An Oklahoma town just northeast of the metro area is named after his ancestors Coyle noted adding, "My heart and soul is in this race for Oklahoma and I will fight for the values we expect from our elected officials, not those of some lobbyist on the east coast dictating them for us."

Coyle pledges to truly represent the views and concerns of Oklahomans saying, "Energy is a priority. The time is now to quit depending on foreign oil when we have the solutions right here in Oklahoma, such as the abundance of natural gas and wind energy."  He said he believes in providing incentives for all phases of energy research and production.

Even though Oklahoma’s unemployment rate is lower than most states (6.7%), Coyle says job creation and retention are crucial to Oklahoma’s economic recovery.  "Very little is ‘Made in America’ and I want that to change," Coyle said.

A graduate of Florida State University and the University of Oklahoma School of Law, Coyle is a practicing attorney in Oklahoma City.  He is married to Heather, an assistant district attorney for Oklahoma County and they have one son together, Jack.