Resolution Honors Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty

The state Senate on Tuesday approved a resolution celebrating the life and legacy of the late Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty.  Daugherty was pastor of Victory Christian Center, and founder of Victory Christian School, Victory Bible Institute, the Tulsa Dream Center and Victory World Missions Training Center.  Daugherty passed away last year, after being diagnosed with lymphoma.  

Daugherty’s network of schools serves over 1700 students, and the
Victory Bible Institute spans 93 countries, including 911 campuses. 
Daugherty was regarded as one of America’s best-known and most
charismatic preachers.

“Pastor Daugherty was an inspiration to millions, with a legacy stretching across the world from Oklahoma,” said Newberry, R-Tulsa.  “His passion for the gospel bettered the lives of countless people.  He was a dedicated family man, a tireless spokesman for the gospel, a great Oklahoman and a great man of God.”

Daugherty’s Victory World Missions Training Center sent hundreds of missionaries to locations throughout the world, and his Tulsa Dream Center has provided clothing and other essentials to less fortunate Tulsa area residents.  He presided over a congregation of 17,000 at Victory Christian Center, and his television show, Victory in Jesus, reached an audience of more than 100 million.  

“His legacy of ministry and service are an example to all of us,” said Newberry.  “His passion in communicating the message of the gospel was an inspiration.  Today we honor his accomplishments, his exceptional life and his enduring legacy.”