Affidavit asserts Terrill cursed Speaker, threatened to ‘break his other’ leg

 Note: This story contains profanity. Reader discretion is advised.

CapitolBeatOK has been provided with a copy of the affidavit signed last week that contends an eyewitness heard state Rep. Randy Terrill curse and threaten Speaker of the House Kris Steele. Both men are Republicans. The name of the witness who signed the affidavit was blocked out before the document was provided to this reporter.

The incident occurred “on the morning of March 10” (last Thursday) in the office of Majority Floor Leader Dan Sullivan of Tulsa, also a Republican.

During floor debate on Monday, March 14 over a motion to reprimand Terrill, state Rep. Charles Ortega of Altus read from the affidavit. Also during debate, Sullivan confirmed his own understanding of the incident was the same as Ortega’s.

Rep. Terrill, from Oklahoma City, is under investigation for bribery.
Oklahoma County’s district attorney brought charges against Terrill late
last year. Terrill has denied wrongdoing and, during today’s debate,
attacked other members of the House, alleging sexual and other
misbehavior, and claiming he was being unfairly targeted by Republican

The reprimand passed 34-30, with 33 members taking constitutional privilege and not voting, and four excused.

The three bullet points in the affidavit read as follows:

◦“I was present in the office of Majority Floor Leader Dan Sullivan on the morning of March 10, 2011.
◦“Representative Randy Terrill entered the office and stated, in approximately the following words, that he ‘knew he needed Senate authors on two of his bills, but that it didn’t matter because the fucking retard Speaker wasn’t going to hear them anyway – or so that’s what the Floor Leader is telling everybody.’
◦“He then stated, in approximately the following words that “He thinks he’s got one bad leg now, wait until I break his other Goddamned leg.”

The affidavit was sworn to and subscribed before a notary public in Oklahoma County on March 11, last Friday, with the undisclosed “affiant” said to be “of full age, being first duly sworn on oath according to law. …” Matters in the affidavit were affirmed as true to the best of the affiant’s “information, knowledge and belief.”