Is Michael D. Bates a coward?

Invited to appear as a panelist an American Majority event April 23 titled “Battlefield Training,” I was then uninvited.

Apparently, local blogger Michael D. Bates is a coward unwilling to defend his positions with policy experts that can debunk his distortions and disingenuous positions.

The following e-mail is from Brett Farley of the American Majority group in Oklahoma:

Here’s a quick follow-up on the situation with the bloggers panel for the Apr 23rd event. Since the email from Seth Brown to everyone, we’ve received a reply from Mr. Bates indicating that he refuses to appear on the same stage. That didn’t come as much of a surprise. However, we got a reply from another member of the panel indicating that he’s not keen on being a part of what he knows is a contentious relationship. So, it’s obvious that what appeared at the outset to be an opportunity for a lively public forum has presented a situation that may in fact blow up in our faces.

In retrospect, Seth and I have discussed and agreed on an alternate plan. What we’ve realized is that panel really is focused on blogging and social media. Whereas we also recognize that you have a particular expertise in journalism and broadcast media that these others do not possess. We conduct specific candidate trainings very frequently in which we talk at length with prospective candidates about the importance of dealing properly with the media and with public relations. We think your expertise would actually be quite a bit more valuable in those forums. So, if you’re available and willing, we’d like to entertain your involvement in those in the Tulsa area.

Rather than a lengthy story on Bates history, his many mistakes of fact and bizarre opinions over time, let this be the public record that I will meet him in open debate anytime he can find or grow the courage.

Sadly Bates has proven again in this that he is the “angry man” of local politics.  He does some things right, but in large part shows serious personality faults and failures of principle that should be of concern to all.  An “angry man” in politics is a fascist in waiting.  He has been allowed to rule an event like a child pitching a fit and as a result American Majority is diminished in Oklahoma.  That is a shame.