Online notaries are illegal in Oklahoma

Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s Public Protection Unit Wednesday cautioned Oklahomans not to use online notarization services.

Pruitt issued the warning after consumers in several states reported being contacted by an electronic notarization service provider. The provider claimed their service could provide an online notary via webcam that bypassed the need to appear in person to receive notarization.   

“Online notaries are illegal and should not be used by Oklahoma consumers,” Pruitt said. “A document must be notarized in person by a notary public with a valid state commission number.”

The function of a notary public is to act as an official witness to the identity of a person who comes before the notary. A notary is authorized to witness or attest a signature, administer an oath or affirmation, certify an oath or affirmation, take acknowledgments and certify or attest a copy.

For more information or to report fraud, contact the Attorney General’s Public Protection Unit at (405) 521-2029 or online at