MTV rejects Obama request

The New York Post in an exclusive story reports that the network that hosted a youth town hall last October called "A Conversation with President Obama" has declined an opportunity to shamelessly slobber over him again.  

MTV which made ”Rock the Vote” famous has, according to the story,
declined a request by the President’s re-election campaign to help the
president connect with young Americans. What’s more, the network
allegedly did so on the grounds that it does not get involved with
political campaigns. 

 Now that is belly-laughing funny given recent history.

Click here to read the New York Post story.

According to the Post, Obama’s efforts were a nonstarter — that took several weeks of deliberation to not start.  The iconic home of rock video declined Obama’s request saying it does not do political work. 

Of course, we should have known.

MTV would never suspect that Obama’s government takeover of automobile companies, financial institutions, health care, and the attempted take over of the energy industry could eventually bring a takeover of the entertainment industry?  

Even so, why should they be concerned?  After all the waves of innovative talent to arise in the old Soviet Empire and during Mao’s reign in China … Yes, government control of entertainment is wonderful.  All “approved” artists are provided a government salary and free health care and free political supervisors to help with words and video illustrations of approved themes.  Wow!

Wouldn’t that be great!