Chief Elect urges reconciliation

Friday the Carter Center called on former Chief Chad Smith to concede the race he lost this week in order to restore the confidence of the Cherokee people in the election process.
"The Center congratulates Principal Chief Elect Bill John Baker on his successful campaign.  The Carter Center encourages Chadwick Smith to once again demonstrate his proven leadership by accepting the results and working with Mr. Baker," a Carter Center statement reads.

In the election results tallied this week our campaign received 53.97 percent of the vote.  In the largest turnout in Cherokee history we cruised to victory on a message of taking the Nation from good to great by creating a government more responsive to the people.
The Carter report continues, "The extra days of voting and the counting process were conducted transparently. Based on our observations of the counting process, the Carter Center has confidence in the results certified by the Commission."
I join the Carter Center in calling for Smith to concede.
"Former Chief Chad Smith should follow the recommendation of the Carter Center and the will of the Cherokee People and concede so we can begin healing as a Nation and moving forward," Baker said.  "It’s been a long, tough campaign. The vote was clear and the election was clean," Baker said.