Tulsa shares Joint with Kid Rock

altHard Rock Hotel & Casino’s The Joint played host to Kid Rock, Thursday night and the sold-out audience was not disappointed.  

Robert James "Bob" Ritchie or Kid Rock as he has became known burst upon the scene back in the early 1990’s thanks to MTV’s Spring Break coverage and has not slowed down.  Back then it was much more a hip-hop/rock infused sound that was all the rage.  Since then Kid has found a way to keep himself current and not die away as other musical trends have throughout his 20 plus years in the industry.  

His music, which now crosses genre styles, doesn’t leave anyone out or untouched.  From rap to hip-hop, rock to country and even the occasional ballad he has an appeal to young and old.  You could see 20-somethings milling around the spectacular venue, as well as, a few blue-haired beauties all there to get a glimpse and give listen to the current outlaw heir.

Starting the show out with “Devil without a Cause” and allowing for lyric’s via recorded audio from his late friend and partner Joe C, accompanied by an over-sized banner featuring the pint sized rapper, this lead to added effect and sent the already party atmosphere to a higher level.

In addition to every genre of music in a Kid Rock show, you definitely see massive self promotion.  With plenty of chants that helped the sold-out crowd remember just who it was they were there to see.  His set-list included songs covering his Grammy winning, multi-platinum career, “Forever,” “Bawtidaba,” “Cowboy,” “Rock-n-Roll Jesus,” “Only God Knows Why” and “Picture” aided by background singer, Shannon Curfman, to name a few.  

His backing band, Twisted Brown Trucker, which includes 2 guitarists, bass player, drummer Stefanie Eulinberg who he introduces “as always,” DJ Paradime, Jimmy Bones on piano and organ, his sax man, an extra percussionist and his extra soul filled back-up singers.  All of whom have and amazing supply of talent and energy that mix very well with KR, Rock himself showcased his versatility during one stretch of the show to venture up to the DJ booth and do some “scratching” done while pouring himself a drink and also lighting up a cigar, not missing a beat while doing both, then moving down to play his guitar through a few licks, before stopping to say, “Gonna take you back to Detroit for a second.” And launching into the Ted Nugent monster, “Cat Scratch Fever,” he then dropped his guitar and stepped behind the drum kit to show off his beats and finish up his excellent cover of the Uncle Ted staple.

Kid Rock photo slideshow.


Photos by: Kevin Pyle

It is easy to see why he has managed to stay relevant and keep himself from becoming stale and used up.  Not only is he incredibly talented, but he also manages to tap into something that reaches into the everyman in America.  Although it is equally easy to see that he does come across as brash and has a tinge of Coe/Hank Jr. in his music approach.  That swagger that says, “I am gonna do what I want and if you don’t like it you can kiss it.” It is that very swagger that connects him with his crowd and keeps them coming back for more.

Ending the night with his current hit and adopted Mitt Romney campaign theme song “Born Free” he began the song by asking, “Is there anyone here tonight that believe that America is still the greatest nation in the world?”  Which was met with an eruption of ovation and screams, it is safe to say Kid Rock loves being an American, loves being a master of his craft and loves being around “his people.”

If you are looking for a fun night out to dance, scream and let it all hang it, Kid Rock is every bit of that and then some.  You may just want to do it sans children.