Bingman on passage of House Bill 2155

Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman yesterday released the following statement on the passage of House Bill 2155, the Oklahoma Option.

"Our current workers’ compensation system is broken – runaway costs are
hurting businesses and hurting the state of Oklahoma," said Bingman,
R-Sapulpa. “Out-of-control workers’ compensation costs are the number
one obstacle to job growth in Oklahoma. If we are serious about making
Oklahoma a more prosperous place for our families, we must address the
number one issue that is making Oklahoma less competitive with our
surrounding neighbors. 

“Making Oklahoma more competitive means giving injured workers the protection they need and deserve while driving down runaway costs.  For employers that choose the Oklahoma Option, their injured employees will receive the same level of benefits they get in our workers compensation court system, and often times their benefits will be even better.  This is exactly the type of reform we need – one in which the focus is on healing injured employees, helping them get back on their feet, and making sure they have the care they need to get back to work.
“I’m proud to support the Oklahoma Option as an alternative system for businesses that want to create jobs and provide the very best protection for their employees.”