Fallin reappoints Preston Doerflinger

Governor Mary Fallin Thursday reappointed Preston Doerflinger as director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES), formerly the Office of State Finance.  Doerflinger resigned in March as OMES director in order to serve as interim director of the Department of Human Services (DHS) at Fallin’s request.

With the recent selection of Ed Lake as permanent DHS director, Doerflinger is returning to his post at OMES.  Doerflinger’s reappointment requires confirmation from the Oklahoma State Senate. 

During his absence, Transition Project Manager Carol McFarland served as acting OMES director.  Doerflinger remained secretary of finance on the governor’s cabinet during his time at DHS.

“I want to commend Preston Doerflinger for his service as interim director of DHS,” Fallin said. “Preston helped guide DHS during a critical time when key reforms, such as the Pinnacle Plan, were implemented.  His leadership helped the agency move forward as improvements were made to ensure DHS adequately serves our state’s most vulnerable citizens.”

Fallin continued, “As OMES director and secretary of finance, Preston Doerflinger has been a critical part of my administration’s efforts to save tax dollars by implementing cost-saving reforms and consolidating state agencies.  I’m glad to have Preston back at OMES as we continue to pursue reforms to save tax dollars and help us deliver on the promise of a more efficient and effective state government.”

Doerflinger added, “Though I’m returning to OMES, I will offer my support and remain a resource for Ed Lake as he begins his tenure at DHS.  I want to thank the staff at DHS for their hard work and dedication and for welcoming me as interim director.  The staff at OMES did a great job during my absence as director and I’m excited to rejoin the team.  There’s more work for OMES as we pursue further reforms that will save tax dollars, eliminate wasteful government spending and improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of government services.”

Before being selected as OMES director and secretary of finance in the Fallin administration, Doerflinger was elected city auditor of Tulsa in 2009. He previously served as chief executive officer of PLD Management, a business consulting and investment firm he founded.  Prior to that, he helped found several health care consulting and supply companies across Oklahoma.  Doerflinger holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Southern Nazarene University, where he graduated with honors.